Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Birthday!

Happy birthday to meeee,
Happy birthday to meeee,
Yes, it was my birthday,
I am not yet thirty-threeee!

See, making up random songs runs in our family. Anyway, Saturday was my thirty-second birthday. My wonderful hubby let me sleep in a little, then I got to take a long, leisurely shower and get ready in peace and quiet. Ahhhhhh...

The kids made my birthday cards, and Marty gave me my gift. It was the coolest thing, he had a book made by Eye Remember that combined some of my blog entries and some family pictures for a scrapbook of sorts. It was a great idea, and something that he had been working on for months, but I had no idea. I was thrilled, and I love it. Very cool.

Isn't that cool?
Note to other husbands who might be considering this idea: proofread the book first. Proofreading is very important, or you might give your wife a really cool gift with her name spelled wrong in it. Er, not that that happened here, um, my hubby is WAY too observant to let that happen...
Anywhoo, that evening was our annual Girl's Night. We got a condo in Birch Bay and had a great time. We laughed and talked till after two AM, and I think the consensus is we need to do it more often than just once a year. I would share more, but what happens at Girls Night, stays at Girls Night. Just like Vegas, but without the strippers. And the gambling. And the random drunken weddings. OK, really, nothing like Vegas. Girls Night is better.
Last night we went out to dinner at CJ's Beach House in Birch Bay. We had gotten a gift certificate a while back and were waiting for a special occasion to use it. They were having a special, Filet Mignon and Lobster with a balsamic syrup for $24.99. I have to say, it was heaven. Pure heaven. Obviously, we do not eat out very often, and when we do it is usually IHOP or something like that. This was the best steak I have had in a long time, and the best lobster I have ever had. Ever.
Now I am having lobster cravings. Great.
It was a great birthday weekend. Today I feel refreshed and ready for the week. I should do this more often!
Watch for Not Me! Monday! Coming later today!


the story of my life... said...

Happy Birthday!! And what a great Husband!! I am so happy you got away!!

Snow Mommy said...

Glad you had a nice dinner, but now I am craving lobster!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (late) Tiffani!