Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How To Photograph Your Kids

I have always heard that the further down the birth order, the less pictures a parent takes of their kids. That has definitely happened here, and I am trying to rectify that. I want to take lots of pictures of Drew so that he does not feel un-loved, or un-important, or anything. However, I have learned that the reason parents don't have as many pictures of their fourth kid does not always have to do with less time or just forgetting to bust out the old camera.

For instance, on occasion, you can capture a sweet brother-to-brother eskimo kiss, like Grant and Drew are doing here.
Isn't that stinkin' adorable! That shot can happen if you can run fast and not trip over toys to get the right angle, then get them to repeat the cute action till you get it right.
I decided to expand on that theme and attempt to capture a nice Ben and Drew moment.

But of course, Grant was already in the picture mood and kept sticking his head in the frame at the last second and saying, "Cheese!" Which really messes with the lighting and, well, everything else.

Variety is key. So when Emma wanted in on the action, "Mommy, take a picture of me singing to him! I really, really want a singing picture! Pleeeeeeease, Mommy?" I went for it. It's good to be flexible.

I swear she is not taking a nibble out of his scalp. Really. That is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, folks!

And then comes the individual portraits. Of course, you cannot shoo three kids away to take pictures of the fourth, so you will end up with a child in your lap. Which make for some interesting shots as well.

Yup, that's Ben's foot there.
Eventually, and I thank God for digital cameras so I can take thousands of pictures to keep three, you can get some cute shots.

And I love this one (sorry if I have posted this one already, I can never remember if I posted it to my blog or my Facebook.)

Of course, who can resist the ever popular baby-fell-asleep-and-folded-himself-in-half pictures?

The key to this one is to get down on floor level and move all the large crumbs, hot wheels, piles of cat fur and crayons out of the shot first.
See? There's your photography lesson for the day. Let's review, shall we?
1. Take lots of pictures.
2. Run fast.
3. Don't trip over toys or stub your toe when you run fast.
4. Have agreeable kids who will continue to do cute things.
5. Take lots of pictures.
6. Have a variety.
7. Document what is going on, so as teenagers, your poor fourth child will not say, "Mom! Why do you have pictures of my sister eating my head?!?"
8. Be open to spare appendages sneaking thier way into the frame.
9. Take lots of pictures.
10. Try to avoid documenting large messes that say, "I have tons of time to take thousands of pictures, but I can't lift a broom."
11. Take lots of pictures.
I hope you have all learned something today!


Stephanie @ dirtandlace.com said...

Such great pictures!!!

Snow Mommy said...

I love the one of Drew in the bumbo.

Love my babes said...

Those were precious. I loved all of them but the one w/Marty was sweet just the love. I found I over compensated w/Kolette in hopes to not be the mom of the 4th kid in no pics. But I think there just aren't as many of them by themselves b/c of the other ones. Great work Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

very helpful! Thank you! I was going to look up some photo-taking pointers online today, but now that I've had that lesson I won't need to do that! :) Here's another pointer: take photos super close-up, or of just one little feature of your child's body (take the eyelid from my blog, for instance) so all the mess is either blocked out or out of focus. That way you can take pictures even when you're too lazy to move the mess! :)

Tiff said...

Great idea, Carmen! I will have to remember that one! :)

Laurel said...

Fun post!

I have way more pictures of my younger kids ... because digital cameras were invented. Yes, my big kids are "THAT" old. :)

Actually, baby #7 doesn't have many pics ... because our camera broke and we couldn't afford a new one for a year or so.

But, the rest of the kids have LOTS of pics. Everyone always told me I would take less pics with more kids ... so I set out to prove them wrong.

And, the little guys have even more pics ... because the older siblings started buying fancy cameras and using their younger sibs as photo models all the time.

picture taking mama of 13