Monday, January 18, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This was created by MckMama, head on over to her blog to see what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week!

This weekend, Marty and I had a date night. His mom had given us a gift of a date night for Christmas, complete with taking the kids overnight so we could stay out all night and sleep in in the morning.

It was NOT the greatest thing ever.

Mom-in-law sent me some pictures of the evening, so I could see how the evening went. (And how adorable they are!)

She did NOT let them play in the bathtub, their favorite activity of all time.
Now, my kids get along really well. They ALWAYS keep their hands to themselves, so it would NOT be difficult to bathe a baby at the same time as a five year old and two three year olds. Easy peasy.

We do NOT usually let Drew play right outside the bathroom while the older kids are getting a bath, for his own safety. Mom did NOT forget what was in the cupboard right outside the bathroom, and the fact that Drew gets into everything.

When she told me what he found, my first reaction was, "Oh, my goodness! You took a picture, right?"

HeeHee! I do NOT love that picture!

The kids did NOT have a great time playing at Grandma's house. She did NOT make them a giant fort to sleep in, securing a bunch more cool Grandma points. The kids did NOT whine for a while, till she took down the blankets of the fort that kept them from seeing each other. As soon as they could see one another, they did NOT go right to sleep.

I am NOT thinking that Grant would really like the spread-ability of getting out of his toddler bed.
In the morning, the kids did NOT have a blast with cousins Nate and Lily...
...and attack Poppa when it was time to go.
I will NOT blog about our time later this week!

In other news, yesterday my sweet, kind, good-hearted, loving husband did NOT give me a playful swat on the bum lower back. Which was weird. "Hey," I did NOT say, "why did you hit me on the back?"

"Oh!" He did NOT exclaim. Then, proceeding to poke me in the love-handle, "It kind of feels like your bum."

I did NOT shoo Ben out of the room, then proceed to punch my husband in the arm.



What did you NOT do this week?


Marty said...

I did NOT get multiple bruises from my wife because of certain inappropriate comments ;)

Snow Mommy said...

Marty did NOT deserve it!

TheOldestStudent said...

The picture of Drew outside the bathroom is NOT the funniest thing I have ever seen!!

Shell said...

That pic with the bottles is hilaroius!

DJan said...

I did NOT think to myself that you have the most wonderful kids ever!