Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Blogging and New Songs

I know, I am such a bad blogger this week. I completely forgot to blog this morning, and now I have about two minutes till Drew wakes up.

I have not yet found the stuff I was looking for yesterday, and am starting to worry a bit. However, I am delighted at the discovery of my shoe and am wearing them right now, even though I am not a shoes-in-the-house kind of girl. I don't mind if other people wear shoes, but I prefer bare feet. I have missed my shoes. (If you don't know what I am talking about, scroll down a post and read that first to get caught up. K?)

I feel like I am so behind on everything, I still haven't blogged several things I have been meaning to, and I know I still have the Ask Tiff! post to finish. Let's just say I am leaving that one open if there are some last minute questions, OK? Thanks for going along...

Grant is currently making up a song. It goes like this:

Ice Pack Ice Pack Ice Pack!
Where is my ice pack?
It is gooooone
Even my ice pack
Even tomorrow,
Where is myyyyne neee blert
Heeeeeyyyy ohhhhhhhhh laaa non

Can you tell we've had to use the ice pack today? Well, we did.


And that's why I forgot to blog.

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