Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ask Tiff, Round 2!

Last summer, I did an "Ask Tiff" Blog where my dear readers got to write in and ask whatever questions they wanted. I have to say, it was a ton of fun for me, and I'd like to do it again!
If you are curious about the questions that were asked last time, or you are relatively new here and would just like to get to know me better, go HERE and HERE for the answers to the last Ask Tiff!

I am copying the instructions from my last Ask Tiff! post because I'm too lazy to write it all out again I thought I did a great job the first time, and who needs to mess with perfection?

So here are the rules: There are no rules. You can ask me anything. From how we felt when we found out we were having twins to how we felt when we found out about Drew, my childhood, how I sort my laundry, whatever! Anything that has been on your mind that you are just dying to know. Have fun, be creative, and please actually ask questions so that I don't have to pretend someone sent an e-mail with a question that I made up just to make me feel like less of a dork, OK?

Leave a comment on this post to ask your question. You can click on anonymous, but please sign your name to your comment so I know who you are!

Depending on the response, I will answer these either late this week or early next. Have fun asking!


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

OK, my go-to question I love to ask:

Do you wear flip flops?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had a "defining moment" in your life? An "ah-ha" moment when you knew things had to change, were going to change? What was it and what did you learn?

This is a great idea...I may do it on FB

See you tomorrow!! Kristen

DJan said...

How many diapers do you think you will have changed (and will continue to change) until all that is behind you? Until grandparent-hood, that is. I'm thinking it must be an astronomical number.

CulyQFun said...

Did you tell how you & marty met? I am too lazy to go back and check.

How do you keep up with all the kids & still have time for you?

What do you do during naptime?

Tracie said...

Are you back into thongs yet??? ;-)

Beth said...

When will your brother and I get to have dinner with all y'all again? =)

How did you decide on all the kids' names (first and middle)?

When you are able to get a bigger place, will you get any other pets besides Teddy your cat?

Love you! ~Bethany

Stephana said...

How many times a week are you jogging/running?

-your running partner!!

Anonymous said...

When you were young and dumb....were you always responsible and make the right choices?
Might be some funny stories there!

Brenda A

Snow Mommy said...

Are you ever going to buy new tennis shoes?