Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Facts

Wow, what a crazy week. I apologize for basically neglecting my blog this week, I'll try to do better next week.

Thankful for: I'm thankful for a lot of things. I'm thankful for my kids, and how sweet they are to one another. I'm thankful for this blog, and the friends that I have made through the on-line community. I love you guys!

Looking forward to: Going to bed tonight, with a dose of NyQuil and drifting off into la-la-land. Mmmmmm....

What's for dinner tonight: If I had to pick right now, I'd say that everyone was going to get cereal. I'm not feeling well, and just the thought of standing in the kitchen to cook is tiring. Who knows how I will feel later on, though.

Listening to: The boys saying, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Hey, MOMMY!" Over and over again. It is really starting to freak me out, the kids are playing house and Emma is "Mommy," so they are talking to her. It's still weird to sit here blogging while the kids call my name repeatedly.

Missing: Well, during my extensive search for the kids' Social Security cards, I found MY SHOE and the Costco card. Both were in the same spot, the shoe was between the desk and the wall, and the Costco card was under the desk. Was Ben's secret stash revealed? I don't know. But that is the place where the cat hangs out, so now I am having an internal debate about whether it was Ben all along, or if I have actually been searching for Teddy's Secret Stash.

I did tear the house apart looking for the Social Security cards, searched the shed out back, going through each and every box, and searching the shop as well. (For the shop, picture a very large two car garage completely filled with boxes and stuff. But instead of cars, each bay could fit an RV. And then an additional room on top of that. Yeah, we need to clean it out this year.)

I did not find them.

However, about ten minutes after returning from the Great Shop Search, Marty found all the missing files. They were in the filing cabinet.


The tab was gone, so I had just skipped over the file completely in my search.

But at least they were found, and my tax return has been sent in, and my money is on it's way.


OK, back to the issue at hand. What is missing is Ben's Ted. He's been gone for a few days now and I really have no idea where it is.

At least I know it's not in the shop or shed.

Wanting/needing: A nap. Oh, a nap sounds so very good right now!


Snow Mommy said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Stephana said...

uh oh, hope you are feeling better soon :)

michele said...

You are a busy mom!! I hope you feel better soon. I am from Lynden Michele (Zylstra) Jansen. I saw you commented on my sister Natasha's blog... keep praying for them.

TheOldestStudent said...

It was a lot of fun going on the treasure hunt with you! But you forgot to mention that we also searched the wood shed and the burn pile too...