Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Facts

I'm thankful for: My side-by-side side-by-sides. And it is humbling to think that there are millions of people in this world that can not afford to feed their kids, but I have enough food to fill two fridges and three freezers. I am so thankful for my life, and the blessings we have been given.

Listening to: Drew playing on the floor. The twins are napping and Drew has free reign over all the toys. He's a happy boy!

Looking forward to: Oh, there's so much to look forward to! Tonight is Girls Night, our annual girlfriend's retreat out at Birch Bay. We get a condo and have a blast. It's been a year and I am so ready to get away! Also, Sunday marks the return of Chuck, the greatest TV show of all time. If you haven't seen it, I encourage you to, it is incredible. Oh, I'm so very happy!

What's for dinner tonight: For Marty and the kids, probably spaghetti or something quick that I throw together before I leave for girl's night. For me, tons of unhealthy appetizers that will be very tasty and not even close to low-cal. It's going to be great!

Needing or wanting: This week, I found a listing of a house online that I want. It's completely out of our price range, but it's huge, and has tons of storage. However, it's old, and needs lots of work, so it's not even close to a possibility. I really do want a bigger house and cannot wait for the day that works out for us. It truly is a want, not a need. I'm grateful for the house I have.

Missing: I know, it's a shock, but I am missing a shoe. Yes, you are all so surprised.


Tiff said...

I've heard some people say they are having a hard time commenting, so this is a test! If you are unable to post a comment, please e-mail me at

CulyQFun said...

We LOVE Chuck too!!!!

I also like that house too.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I'm liking that house girlfriend! And the price is AMAZING compared to property up here. Just the land alone would go for more than that up in Canada.