Thursday, January 14, 2010

There's a Monster in the Closet...

of the twins' room.

Or maybe, it's just a baby.

That's right, folks, Drew is sleeping through the night, and has been moved out of our room.

Oh, happy day!

Can you hear the birds singing? Can you see the beam of sunshine straight from heaven above, shining down so bright and glorious, accompanied by the angel choir with their very best rendition of Hallelujah?

Oh, that's just in my head? Too bad. It's beautiful.

Drew started sleeping through the night right before Christmas. Prior to that, I had gotten eight uninterrupted hours of sleep less than twenty times in over three years. Ever since we were in our little duplex, with our sweet not-quite two-year-old daughter, thinking "This is great! We think it's time for our second child." That was a long time ago.

The sleeping arrangements are going well. The only problem is that Drew normally wakes at 6:30, and the twins at 7:30. Grant has been waking when I come to get Drew and is upset that he cannot get up, too. I think in a few days it will be fine.

Ahhh, sweet, sleeping bliss!


Shell said...

Woohoo! My favorite milestone is when my babes started sleeping through the night. I need sleep, too!

DJan said...

Another milestone passes, but you have marked it with this post, and it will be a joy to visit it again in ten years... I love hearing about your life with your little ones, it satisfies something very primal in me. Love your blog.

Wendy Whitlow said...

Yay! That's great Tiff! He looks so precious there sound asleep.

Great job. I know plenty who are still sleeping with Mommy and Daddy :0

Love ya!


Paging Doctor Mommy said...


Carmen O. said...

Wow! What made the difference from him waking up every five minutes, to sleeping through the night?