Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Day

Today is a much better day. I feel energized, renewed, and a lot less cranky. If you didn't read yesterday's post, well, I was a tad hormonal. Just a bit.

At nap time yesterday, I decided to take a nap of my own. I was on the phone with my hubby when I decided this, and his response was something like, "Umm, OK, babe. If that's what you want." Which probably meant, "Really? The house is trashed, the laundry has been piled up on the couch for four days and you haven't vacuumed in a week. But really, I'm waaaay to smart to bring this up to you, because I know that even the mere mention of these things will reduce you to a sobbing, screaming mess and I really don't have time to go buy some chocolate today. And you definitely need a nap. Please, Lord, let this nap fix my wife. 'Cuz she's a mess."


The nap was great. I slept till the kids woke up, which was at 4:45. Glorious bliss! Of course, the late nap time made bedtime a bit difficult, but it was so worth it. Oh, and when I woke at 4:45, it was still light out. If you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, you will not understand how wonderful that is. But believe me, it's great.

Oh! Drew just stood up in the middle of the living room without having to pull up on anything! Nice, a mid-blog milestone. He's getting so big.

Today I am going to try and clean my house, which has been sadly neglected in the past few days. I am thinking of re-arranging the living room in order to ensure my children's safety. More about that later.

I am loving the questions you are coming up with in Ask Tiff! Go here to read all about it and ask a question of your own. I'll probably start answering them tomorrow. Or maybe Monday. It depends on how it goes. (Hey, with four young kids and PMS, I know to never promise anything.)

Have a great Thursday!

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CulyQFun said...

Loved your post from yesterday!!
Glad today is a better day.