Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drew's First Birthday

Drew's birthday was fabulous. We decided to keep it small, since our house is tiny, our family is huge, and Drew gets overwhelmed easily in crowds. I was also exhausted from the holidays and, well, Drew's not going to remember it.

Since we had just finished Christmas, he knew what to do with the presents, and was excited to play with the paper open them.

A remote of his very own? Yay! Maybe he'll stop trying to drool all over mine now!

Such a big boy!
Then it was time for cake. Our kids do not have any junk food for their first year (except for the little bits that Grandma and Auntie sneak them when Mom and Dad aren't looking...) so the first cake is kind of a big deal.

"Wow, you are all singing to me?!?"

"OK, now that I've got all that nasty stuff off, this is pretty good!"
"Hey now, what's that one?"
"Really? You aren't going to give me some of that? It is my birthday, you know..."
"How about if I trade?"
"Ok, I like mine..."
"Oh, hi Dad! I didn't realize you wanted to give me a kiss!"

"So we are feeding each other now? OK, here you go!"

"It's good, isn't it?"
These next pictures are a bit, well, sticky. It seems Uncle Dan had the idea that it would be fun to slime Marty with the frosting. He claims that he had permission from someone to do so, but I will deny giving Dan permission, if for no other reason than the fact that he told Marty he had permission! Seriously, you don't throw a girl under the bus like that. You know, if I actually had given my blessing on the whole event.

Of course, after this, Marty slimed me with frosting his face. That part was captured on video, but there was not a picture of it. I have to figure out how to get video on my blog, 'cuz the whole thing is pretty good.

Drew was pretty much done at this point, (either that whole over-stimulation thing again, or just that we stole his frosting) and let us know very clearly that cake time was over.
Aaaand... he threw the cake to the floor.
It was a great evening, and a good time had by all. But I still think I have frosting in my ear...

After the party was over and everyone had gone home, we put the kids to bed and cleaned up. We headed to bed a little after eleven, and discovered that Drew had a bit of a stench to his behind. Although he was sound asleep, I didn't want him sitting in poo all night, so I got him up and changed him. This led to a late night snuggle session in our bed, with sweet Drew laying on my chest, snuggling his puppy for a few minutes. When I thought that he had just fallen asleep, he would sit up, look over, and crawl over to Marty for a good snuggle on him. This went back and forth for a while, with each of us just loving the time with the snuggly boy. We were still up and able to sing "Happy birth-minute to you" at 11:39, which was fun. Boy, it was hard to put that little sweetie back in his own bed.

Happy first birthday, little man! I love you, and I am looking forward to many more birthdays!


Shell said...

Very sweet!

Those pics are adorable.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby Drew :)

Wendy Whitlow said...

I love the pics! Hey my friend...I can help you with getting your video posted...

Anonymous said...

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