Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Facts

Thankful For:

My wonderful husband. I may tease him for being a poo-flinging monkey, and he may tease me back about making a Dracula kitty instead of Toto, but we really do have a great relationship and I love him. I love that nine years later, we still laugh together and we are still each other's best friends. Love you, honey!

Listening To:

Nothing. Absolutely no sound except for the keys of the keyboard and the whirr of the fridge. And it's beautiful.

What's For Dinner:

Breakfast for dinner tonight, I'm thinking. I got a package of Foster Farms turkey sausage links at Safeway on clearance for 1.79, and I need to use them today. I love breakfast! I can almost taste the syrup now...

Looking Forward To:

Halloween, for one because it is a ton of fun, and for two, I would love to be done making costumes and having material and stuff strewn all over my kitchen and dining room. I am also looking forward to someday having a craft room, where I can actually do crafts and not have to clean everything up to have dinner.

I am needing or wanting:

I'll definitely agree with Tiffiny and say energy. I am lagging, I have such a hard time waking up when it's still dark out. I do great when it's light, but in the dark, I am sluggish. It's gonna be a long winter if this keeps up!


Still missing my tennis shoe. Ben's is not turning up, either. Two of Grant's juice cups have disappeared, as well as my laundry room floor. Not that the actual floor is missing, I just haven't seen it for a while...

Quote of The Day:

This quote of the day is brought to you by Grant, who was singing a little ditty in the car earlier today.
"Eenie meenie, miney, mo.
Catch a tiger by the toe.
Auntie Holly, let him go!
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo!"

Have a fabulous and safe Halloween!


Snow Mommy said...

I love that Grant makes chants that include me!!!

CulyQFun said...

Great Friday Facts.
Check out mine.

BTW - checked out her blog, good reading for sure.

Have fun tomorrow!!!