Friday, October 9, 2009

We're Home! We're Home!

This afternoon, Grant was discharged from the hospital! WooHoo!

He's doing great, we picked up a prescription for him and we picked out a new truck at Target. He also picked out a new toy for Ben and for Emma to bring them, just because.

He is so excited to be home, as we were coming down our road, he saw our driveway and yelled, "We're home! We're home! Mommy, we are home!"

What a great little boy he is!

I'll update more later, but I just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Chat later!


the story of my life... said...

So HAPPY for you...and once again for Ben...:)

DJan said...

How wonderful! I get the news probably faster than most of your friends since I read your blog and also see you on Facebook. It's so good that he's home...

Scary Mommy said...

Just read the below-- so glad he's home!!