Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gimme an S! Gimme a U!

Last night was our second PTO (parent teacher organization) meeting of the year. I remember my mom being involved in the PTA when I was a kid, and I always assumed I would be a part of my kids' school organization.

I went into this year with one goal. Be a part of the club, offer assistance when needed and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES VOLUNTEER TO TAKE OVER ANYTHING.


Since the boys are still sick, Marty stayed home with them and I went to the meeting solo. Big mistake. I tend to act before I fully think things through (of course, in my state of severe sleep deprivation, it takes about a week to fully "think things through") and I needed him there to hold my hand.

Now, I don't mean that I needed him to hold my hand like a child and walk me through it, I literally needed him to hold my hand in a tight grip and hold it down so I didn't raise it when there were no other volunteers.

But as my dear friend Brenda told me via facebook, and this is a direct quote: HAHAHAHA kinder-mom's all have "sucker" stamped on their forehead!!!!!

Thanks a bunch.

I am now in charge of the "Spirit wear" order, which is the t-shirts and sweatshirts and everything else they sell at the school. I am taking it on with another mom who will be in charge of actually collecting the orders and money from families, but I get to decide on logos, design, colors, vendors, and actually place the order.

I wasn't going to, really, I wasn't but when there were no volunteers, they said they would just not do spirit wear this year, which make me freak out because I wanted Emma to get a cute sweatshirt that had her name on the back like the big kids.

I panicked. And I raised my hand.

Because I am a "sucker" like that.


MamaOtwins+1 said...

LOL - That's not nearly as bad as running the gym portion of the fall festival or sorting thousands of Nestle Water labels.
You could be a bigger sucker.

Snow Mommy said...

Oh, that's not too bad. I got suckered into PTO vice-pres this year!

DJan said...

It's not like you have a full life or anything... You just sit around and eat bonbons, they must know that about you. It's true, you COULD be a bigger sucker, but hey you're new at this. :-)

The Campbell Family said...

Oh sweetie how I wish I had known ahead of time you were going to a meeting. I'd have warned you not to be the sucker I called you afterwards!! If life wasn't crazy right now I'd have even driven all the way up there and literally held your hand down. Please PLEASE PLEASE don't go the the meeting in the Spring when they're looking for new officers. You don't want to end up like poor poor Holly. Trust me, I've been there. And I was just recently able to claw my way OUT!!

I'm just looking out for your sanity ;) cause I love ya like that!!

Kristina said...

so I totally love your ~tiff should have been cleaning at~ at the end of your post. LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for commenting over at my blog and the name of your blog totally rocks! Still seeking sanity...I love it!