Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ben's Lip Update

A few of you have been asking about Ben's lip. I have been hesitating answering, since I really didn't know a definitive answer until last night.

Thankfully, Ben is fine.

Here is Ben on the first day of the injury, after a half dozen Popsicles had massively reduced the swelling in the inside of his lip. You can see the bit of tissue that is running from his lip to between his teeth. It was a lot worse when it was really swollen, but there was no way I was going to hold him down just to take pictures of that.
As it turns out, that little piece of tissue that connects your upper lip to your gums? That connects to Ben's gums right at his tooth line. And when it was swollen, the swelling pushed that little bit through his teeth, and made it look like his lip was stuck. As the swelling receded, we had started to suspect this was the case, but wanted to have our dear EMT friend take a look at it to confirm our suspicions.

Here he is today.
He still has the split bottom lip, a scab under his nose, and the mark on his upper lip, but he is fine. Ben is so incredibly tough, I cannot believe how well he handled all of this. Especially when I tried to dislodge his lip from his teeth, and ended up just tugging on his injured lip for no reason.
Oh, and he has the bump on his forehead from running into the van door, and the mark on his finger from touching the stove.

Yeah, this kid's gonna be tough.


DJan said...

What do you mean this kid is GONNA be tough? Yikes! Two years old and he's learned how to take flying leaps and survive. Thanks for the update, I was so worried about him. Isn't it funny? I know I don't really know him, but I think I do...

Carmen O. said...

Wow, Tiff! This sounds like my kids lately! They've been so banged up! Claire also has that little piece of tissue right at the tooth line. She kept hitting her mouth and cutting that piece of tissue and bleeding a lot, so when I took her to the pediatrician he said just to leave it and she would probably grow into it, which she has done. It's not quite a dramatic now, and she doesn't injure it nearly as often...if ever. I'm so glad to know he's doing better. Cute, tough little guy!

Stephana said...

yeah....glad he's ok!!

mom of four said...

Glad Ben's lip is doing well.