Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have a lot of things to cover today, so I thought I'd just throw it all in one big post. Hope you are ready!

First of all, the winner of yesterday's contest was Kristen! She was the first to comment:

I'm not 100% sure, but isn't Ben the one who stashes stuff?? If I'm right, I want to win a day to hang out with you and the kids!!! When all of our children are snot, cough, and germ free!!! RIIGHHHTT! Have a wonderful day! Kristen

Kristen is a friend I met in the Nursing Room at church, her oldest and Emma are the same age, and then we met again as her middle child and the twins are the same age, and her youngest and Drew are only a week apart. We have spent a lot of time in church nursing our babies together. I will honor her request to hang out when our kids are healthy. Or when Drew and Noelle go on their honeymoon go to Kindergarten.

The shoe is still missing, and the location of Ben's Secret Stash has not yet been discovered. I wonder if somewhere in out house, there is a portal to space. Hmmm...

In other news, on Sunday we went to church, excited that this was two weeks in a row that we were all healthy enough to go. I dropped Drew off at the nursery, and after church picked up a crying, too warm, cranky child. Drat.

He was cranky and miserable all day, cuddly and tired. You know this kid is sick when he looks like this:
And how do you know he is sick, you may ask? Because he is holding still.

Seriously, this kid is always moving.

He spiked a fever at 8:30pm of 106.8. No, I did not type that wrong. That was one-oh-six-point-eight. So off to the ER we went.

Long story short, they found a massive double ear infection, complete with bulging eardrums. Poor guy! I had seen him patting his ear, but he was playing at the time and saying "bababababababababa..." since he was not crying, so I figured he was just discovering his ears.

Come to realize, his ears were probably infected for weeks and had progressed to the point that his body shot up to 106.8 to fight the infection. If it weren't for the high fever, we might never have known.

'Cuz this is the (applesauce covered) face of a bulging-eardrum-double-ear-infected child just two days before the fever hit:

Isn't he adorable? Such a tough little boy!

We got home from the hospital a little before midnight, and he got his first dose of antibiotics. He fell asleep and slept straight through till 6:30 am. Last night, he slept from 10:30 to 6 am. He has not been sleeping well for months and months, so I never thought that his waking every ten to fifteen minutes would have to do with an ear infection. If this fixes it and he starts sleeping at night, I will be so very very happy!!!

Ah, the thought of getting sleep. The clouds are parting, birds are singing, and there is music playing... kinda like in a Disney movie when the Princess is about to get her first kiss from the prince... magical. That's what sleep is to us. Magical.

Back to reality. Sorry about that little dream right there, it's just been so long since I have slept well consistently...

OK, next in the lineup of updates is the fact that Marty's Grandma is back in the hospital. She has been having trouble eating for quite a while, is constantly nauseous, cannot keep anything down and is losing way too much weight. Some of you may remember that in September she had open heart surgery for an aorta tear, and then had a pacemaker put in ten days later. She has been back in the hospital for over a week now, and the docs cannot figure out what is wrong. Please pray that they figure out the problem soon, there's only so far you can go without nourishment.

If you would, could you pray for our family? It has been a rough month with Grant's hospitalization, Ben's lip, our entire family getting sick, and now all of this. I know we still have it really good compared to a lot of people, and I do not want to complain. Please pray that Marty's Grandma can be diagnosed so she get well and go home, and that our kids stay healthy. Pray that the two horrendously sick, moaning and shaking Swine-Flu victims in the ER waiting room did not infect Drew or I, and that we can miss that illness. Pray that I can finish the kids' Halloween costumes on time, and that I don't do anything else stupid like offering to make a Toto costume for Emma's stuffed cat. thank you all so much, I really appreciate my bloggy friends!!

Have a great day!


CulyQFun said...

We will pray for Marty's grandma.

Sounds like you are all on the mend and that is great!

Good luck with the costumes. Don't forget to post pics.

DJan said...

Wow, a double ear infection. Your kids are unbelievable, really, in their stamina. I truly hope that the antibiotics do the trick fast so the poor baby can be out of pain. A fever that high! I can't help but wonder what used to happen in the old days before antibiotics.

I read about Grandma on Holly's blog first and came over here to see if there was any more information. I certainly will pray for your family, in fact I am doing so right now. Any heartfelt desire is a prayer in itself.

We turn our clocks back on Sunday, and then it will be dark all the time, it seems. Maybe kids and parents sleep better when it's dark? Here's hoping.

Carmen O. said...

cant believe hes sleeping well all the sudden! the things you dont learn before the fourth baby, eh? ill pray for your health and martys grandma too.