Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mother Of The Year?

Today marks the second Bible study class in a row that I have missed due to sick kids. Instead, I am taking my sick kids shopping for Halloween stuff and salsa makings. Yes, I know that I am supposed to keep my kids home when they are sick, but I cannot stay holed up for however long they might be coughing. Not gonna happen. Don't worry, I am going in armed with hand sanitizer and decongestants, so they cannot spread germs everywhere we go.

And I am doing my best to limit the length of time this sickness plagues our household. When the second of four children got sick, I decided that it would be much easier to have four kids sick for a week or two than have each kid sick individually and have a sick kid four times, dragging on for months on end.

I started letting them share cups, and if they just so happened to lick each other's faces, I didn't stop them. See, by doing this, their contagiousness is limited and I have less of a chance of spreading this to others in my community.

Your welcome.

Now that's what I call good parenting.


MamaOtwins+1 said...

Now I have had the same fear - that individually we will all be sick for months and of course I always get it last, because my immune system wears down after all the sickness.
But I never thought about it like this before - I am so letting them share the next time someone is sick. Life's about sharing right?!

DJan said...

I think you're right: they should all get sick at once, and then you will have it behind you. Yeah, right. I'm sure that's the way it will happen, figuring that out was brilliant. Let me know how it works out... (smile)

Stephana said...

hahahaha, love it!!!!
Now make sure you are the best wife ever & don't forget to take out the recycling or clean your vents this week!!!!