Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Because We Are Stupid, That's Why Post

This is what sleep deprivation does to me. It turns me into a crazy woman, who stupidly decides four days before Halloween to tell my daughter, "Sure, sweetie, I'll make a Toto Costume for Mow." Mow is her stuffed cat.

Because we all know I have so much time on my hands, I can easily find the time to go to the fabric store, get fake fur, and make an orange cat look like a black dog.

Yesterday, I did a costume inventory to see what was left, so that I did not find myself getting the kids dressed to go trick-or-treating and find pieces missing. Dorothy just needed two white buttons to finish her dress, then she was done. The lion was done, the scarecrow needed a hat, the tin man was done. Where's the tin man's outfit? Oh, over here on this chair. Pick up the tin man's spray-painted silver clothing. Wait, why is the chair now silver?

Shoulda used silver fabric spray paint instead of regular spray paint. Who knew? (And yes, that is a rhetorical question. I really don't need 6 comments of people saying they knew that it would come off even though it had dried for three days, thankyouverymuch. However, if you know how to get spray paint off a wood chair without ruining the finish on the chair, feel free to let me know.)

So Tin Man went from done to not done at all. Time for Plan B.

I got everything we needed yesterday and set to work last night. I decided to "do the worst first" and try to make the stinking Toto costume for the cat. I needed to make it look good, make sure the fur was facing the right way, and make it secure. This is not going to be a removable costume, I am basically sewing hunks of fake fur directly to the cat.

And is was a lot more difficult than I thought it might be.

Marty kept looking over to see what I was doing, and judging my abilities from across the room checking to see how it was going and interjecting very positive, upbeat, encouraging comments.

Marty: "You know, he's going to look like a Dracula kitty."

Marty: "People are going to wonder if you are nuts, sending a Dracula cat with Dorothy trick-or-treating."

Marty: "Seriously, I will give you serious props if that thing doesn't look like a Dracula kitty when you are done. If you get really good, he might look like a cave-cat."

Marty: "So easy a cave cat could do it."

Me: "If you think it's that easy, why don't you come over here and make this, then?"

Marty: "Oh, no. Cave cats are a lot smarter than poo-throwing monkeys."

OK, he had a point there.


Stephana said...

hahahahaha!!!! Good luck girlfriend :)

MamaOtwins+1 said...

LOL - good luck on all your costumes. This year I didn't make ours and bought them instead, saved hours off my life.

Jeffrey Hulten said...

Marty can be a flying (poo-throwing) monkey! All you need to make in the next 48 hours is a Fez and a vest... and wings...

Love you, sis!

Marty said...

Flying monkey, how did I not think of that? Thanks Jeff

DJan said...

All I am hoping for is pictures of these incredibly creative costumes, especially the Dracula cat...

Love my babes said...

Sounds like fun! For the spray paint perhaps the Magic eraser after all it does say it's magic. Who knows it might work it takes crayon off of walls.