Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Facts

It's official.Thursdays with Tiffani has been cancelled.

But it was replaced by Friday Facts, which is, well, exactly the same.

Except it's on Friday. Makes sense, right?

Thankful For:

My wonderful Mother in law, who watched the "bottom three" while I drove for Emma's field trip to the pumpkin patch in the rain today. I am also thankful for the opportunity to get to know one of her friends in class and watch them interact, so that I am able to make the decision that this particular child will never come to our house. And my darling daughter will never go to hers. There will be no socialization outside of school at all. Ever. But I really, truly am thankful, because this makes the decision easy, and now I can pray for this child and her family.

Listening To:

The quiet, as the twins are napping and Emma is finishing up her school day. Drew is on my lap trying to grab the keyboard and saying, "Dadadadadadadadadadadadadadada!"

What's For Dinner:

Oh, yeah. I should really get on that.

Looking Forward To:

Halloween! I cannot wait to see the kiddos dressed in their adorable costumes that I am sure I will have finished by then. I'm sure of it. I hope it doesn't rain, 'cause that would really mess up Emma's ruby slippers!


To figure out how to explain to my five year old what "making love" actually means. And why do I have to explain this to my five year old, who should, at this time, not have any reason to have that phrase in her vocabulary? See the "thankful" answer.


I am still missing my tennis shoe. Darn Ben and his Secret Stash. Gotta love him, though.


DJan said...

Oh, Tiff! I am glad to find your blog with something new on it, and I'll take Friday Facts with pleasure! It's interesting, isn't it, when you find a child so different from your own and wonder if it's nature or nurture, or both. You are very blessed with your beautiful children and, not to mention, your sense of humor about things. One Fact you forgot to mention, that sense of humor...

Carmen O. said...

Have you thought about simply asking her what she thinks it means, and leaving it at that? Spencer is very curious about everything involving anatomy/romance/marriage and although I'm usually pretty calm and just sort of go with the flow, when he becomes the kid that starts "those" conversations with other kids, I'm starting to realize that giving him more information than what he can scour out on his own, isn't really a good idea....but that could just be him.
Do you have any neighborhood friends that you need to keep Emma from as well? If so, how do you go about that?