Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Whoo-ee, I'm beat.

Yesterday we went to the fair. And let me tell you, we experienced the fair.

We got there at lunch time (very much planned on our part) and hit the McDonald's drive thru on the way. We all ate in the van in the parking lot and then headed in. The kids were thrilled, they very rarely get happy meals so it was a great treat for them. I had packed a ton of water and snacks, so the only food we bought there was ice cream, saving us approximately $239 on fair food. If you think I am exaggerating, you haven't been to the fair with six people lately. Seriously.

We had a blast, and the kids did great. Sure, we had our share of not listening and whining, but to think that we went to the fair at lunchtime, stayed out all day, skipped naps, stood in long lines in the hot sun, lost track of time and missed dinner completely- and limited things to one minor Ben meltdown and one Drew fussing episode that lasted two minutes- I'd say we did AWESOME. Yes we stayed late, but after spending $75 on three ride bracelets, we wanted to get our money's worth.

We got home a little after eight, exhausted, sore and ready for the kids to sleep in today. Of course it did not work that way, they slept hard but were up earlier than normal. Not the way (or time) I wanted to start my day. Such is life.

I'm working on a fair picture post which will be up soon (or next week, depending on how the day goes) and I'm off to accomplish something today. I am exhausted and still sore, but I must tackle a few projects. Have fun!

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DJan said...

I'm looking forward to the fair post, since I decided not to go, because of the expense. And to see what your kids did there would be much more fun than just going alone!