Friday, August 7, 2009

Crawling and Diplomas

Well, the last few days have been... interesting. I never realized how labor-intensive it would be to potty train these boys. The carpet cleaner has taken up residence by the front door, and has been getting a lot of use. I have little clean patches of carpet all over the living room. It looks great. (Did you sense the sarcasm there? Oh, you picked up on that, did you? OK, just wanted to make sure you are paying attention!)

While we have been on this journey, a few other things have happened around here. Drew is now mobile, he is not doing the traditional crawl yet, but he Army crawls and can get anywhere he wants. He has also discovered how to make cool sounds with his throat, the most commonly used sound is the one where he sounds like he is choking. And then I come running, and he laughs. And yes, I have to come running every time he does it, what mother can ignore the sounds of a choking seven-month-old? Especially one who is newly mobile and has taken to cleaning the Cheerios out from under the couch. So, since he is feeling ignored in this whole potty-training process, he does his little choking-sound, I come running, and he giggles, I leave to finish cleaning up the puddle of pee that one of the boys have left for me, and he does his little choking-sound again.

At least I am getting my exercise.

And then yesterday, this happened.

That's right, our sweet angel graduated pre-school last night. She was so proud, the class demonstrated that they knew the Pledge of Allegiance, the days of the week, and the months of the year. We gave her her first bouquet of flowers after the graduation ceremony, and she beamed so big when she realized that they were for her and her alone. When did my baby get so big? She's ready for Kindergarten.

I look at her now, so big and smart and beautiful, and wonder where the time went. It makes me sad that it is going by so fast, but glad that she is doing well. I look forward to the future to see what the kids will turn out like.

And it makes me happy, because if her five years has gone by so fast, that means that this potty-training will soon be done, right? RIGHT?!? Because I have cleaned up eight accidents while writing this post. I don't know how much more my sanity our poor carpet cleaner can take...

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Paging Doctor Mommy said...

AWWWW! Congratulations Emma! Reagan and I are both VERY VERY VERY proud of you big girl!