Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Instilling Confidence

At a recent community event, Emma did a spin-the-wheel thingy and got the chance to take a couple of Karate lessons and learn how to break a board. I know that this is the kind of thing that every kid wins, and is simply a way to advertise the Karate School, but she wanted to try it, so we did.

Emma's first lesson was yesterday, and she did great. She really enjoyed it and did well. We were sent home with a practice bag and a new free shirt.

The first thins Emma said this morning? "Mom, where's my new kicking shirt? Can I wear it again today?" Sure, honey. She has one more free lesson, and then we will all have to have a discussion to make the decision, Karate, soccer or ballet? I will not over schedule her, so she gets to choose one. Well, she might get to choose. The choice might be made a lot easier if the cost is outrageous.

After that, Grandma treated us to McDonalds, and the kids ran off some energy. We didn't let them stay too long, though, as my feeling that fall is coming is making me want to enjoy the out-of-doors as much as possible. We packed the kids up and headed towards home, stopping at Emma's new elementary school to play on the playground.

I have been doing my best to give this school the benefit of the doubt. We visited for the first time in the spring, and the "Caution, Asbestos" sign is still hanging in the basement window. Fabulous.

The kids ran ahead and started to play. I walked up just as Grant was coming down the slide. And then stopped before he reached the bottom, and wiggled to the side before he got off. Strange, I thought. Then I looked closer.
Yeah, that's safe. I sent Marty to look for the storm drain that might be missing a cover, and I moved it off the equipment.

A little later, I was following Emma when I saw this.
At first I thought it was a new and different way to make a play structure, but then I looked closer.
Really, really safe. I am so very impressed by this school. Marty did talk me down, saying that there might have been a group of destructive teenagers that just left, and we missed them by five minutes and there was no way the school could know that these things happened. OK, I'll give him that one, but I think I'll be making a phone call today.

We did have some fun, after I told the kids to stay away from the wooden play structure. Once again, Emma loved this sliding-thingy.
Grant had a great time on the slides. Yeah, there are a few of them, which is great.
Have you ever wondered why, when I post pictures of the kids playing, there are a lot of Emma and Grant, but so few of Ben? Well, most pictures of Ben look like this.
The kid is on the move. All. the. time.

I did get a good one of him last night, though. And I was so very happy, since I have so few really good Ben pictures.Isn't he adorable? With his cool, surfer-dude hair and his giant eyes, he is going to break many hearts. You know, if he can slow down enough for girls to see his amazingly long lashes.

I sure hope they get the playground in good working order before school starts in eight days. I am getting nervous!


DJan said...

Tiff, you are right to be concerned about school starting in just a few days and so many things that could hurt little ones!! That phone call is super important, not just for your kids, but everyone's. Great pictures!!

the story of my life... said...

Matthew did Karate for 4 years..He was 3 when he started. I would NEVER change a thing. It was the best. Everything it teaches you is beyond words.

Betty said...

Your kids are so cute. I bet Emma picks Karate.

The Campbell Family said...

I vote soccer ;)