Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And So It Begins...

Last week I was on my semi-monthly trip to Costco, list and budget in hand, trying to load up on as much as I could without running out of my allotment of cash, trying to avoid the super-cool-fun area in the middle full of things I want, but don't need. I stood in front of the diapers and sighed. I am so tired of spending $100 a month on diapers. I needed diapers for the twins, but I knew that $42 could buy a lot of groceries.

So I didn't buy the diapers.

The boys are ready for potty-training. The only thing holding them back right now is me. Most people would think, "You spend over $200 a month on diapers and baby food, and you are putting off potty training? That's crazy!" Maybe. But I think it's legit.

I am not afraid of potty training the twins, but rather the fact that the twins would then be potty trained. I love the fact that even though it is crazy, I can take all four kids out by myself without the stroller. We are close to freedom, and I am afraid of what is going to happen when that freedom is interrupted by standing in line at Costco with a cart full of groceries and a baby in the front-pack, and having a little boy (or two) say, "Mommy? Potty?"

I have visions of trying to herd the whole clan into a public restroom, trying desperately to keep them all together and staying somewhat sanitary, ("Hey guys! Look what I can do!" as a child lays down on the bathroom floor and rolls around,) and doing my best to not lose a child and/or have one (or two) peek under the doors of the other stalls, just to say "Hi!"

And what happens when they both have to go potty at the same time? Everyone knows you never tell a newly potty-trained toddler to "just hold it for a little while," so do I risk it, telling one to hold it while the other goes, and face the high probability of an accident, or do I put them on separate toilets and run back and forth, baby Drew hanging out in the front pack trying to grab onto every dirty surface he can reach, meanwhile Emma is being ignored as I try to keep the twins from falling into the toilets/eating the toilet paper, and she decides to go potty herself and I don't realize that she is in the next stall, I just think that she is gone?

These are the thoughts that plague me. So I have been stalling on the whole thing.

But this is going to happen. No matter how long I stall, I will be faced with this eventually, so I might as well start now and save the $1,200 for something useful, like our power bill.

Today starts Day One of full-on potty training. I have my carpet cleaner out and ready. I am stocked up on stickers and candy. I have a potty for inside the van, to try and avoid the above scenario if possible. We have loads of big-boy undies. We are ready. Right after I finish this blog post, I am starting.

My heart is racing. There is no going back from here. Once I do this, it's done. I have had my last "easy" outing. I am ending the chapter of having three kids in diapers.

Dangit, I have run out of things to write in order to stall. I guess it's time.

Pray for me, would you?


Anonymous said...

Praying for you!! But I also have to agree with your reasoning behind stalling. I HATE going shopping or to swimming lessons and being done and just as you finish getting everyone FINALLY in their carseats after lugging them out the door, walking 1/2 a mile to your car and making sure nobody gets run over..just to hear "I have to go potty"!! Are you Kidding me!!!! We were in the store 3 minutes ago and it didn't dawn on you that maybe you needed to go when I asked you?? So Gabe gets out, I threaten Isaiah with his life to hold onto my belt loop and not let go or a car will smoosh him as I try to get Noelle out of her seat as she cried because she's hungry! AHHHH!! Hang in there....YOU CAN DO IT!!! Kristen

Snow Mommy said...

Dear Lord,
I pray that Tiffani has patience and quick feet to help those boys. I pray that strangers in Costco will get out of her way when they are running for the bathroom. Please let Marty be a good example, and teach the boys not to spray the whole bathroom.

fiddlechick said...

I don't think was completely conscious of it, but reading your blog made me realize I've been putting off potty training, too, because diapers are just more predictable and less likely to interrupt the already crazy flow of my day. So in support of your efforts (I may have 2 two year olds, but not a baby and preschooler too!) I have decided that today I will go get the stickers, candy, etc. and join you...knowing you're going through a similar struggle might give me the strength to tackle it! I'm nervous though...never done this before, so I'm not really sure what I'm doing. But I'll pray for you, and if you get a minute of sanity, would you pray for me too? Love ya Tiff!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I love Snow Mommy's prayer!

Just from the few times I have taken Reagan's cousin Brady to the potty, some thing tells me you are in for a treat! I wish they had taught Brady to sit to pee... he has NO aim, and I get tired of scrubbing my bathroom every time he comes for a visit!

CulyQFun said...

You will do great, they will do great. And once they are trained tell me all your secrets. Ellia is ready too, but it's me.
My mom bought her big girl undies and we got them in the mail last night. Maybe I should attempt again this week too.

DJan said...

You know, this dilemma never occurred to me until I read this post. But it's a real one! You have to wish for the days when you had a nanny to join you in the bathroom. Maybe this is why having so many little ones requires a serious sense of humor!

I remain your appreciative audience.

Aimee said...

Hooray brave mommy~! Yes, you are in for some "fun" times. But hey, selfishly I get to be glad, because that means I am in for some fun reading about your fun!
Good luck.

Stephana said...

Yup we're trying too, so I'll pray for you & please pray for me!! I made Tyson sit for an hour & a half because he had poop hanging off his butt, do you think he would finish on the toilet??? No he held it till the next day!!!

Anonymous said...

God Speed Tiff! =)

Natalie said...

I wish you the best of luck! And yes please teach them to aim and to LOOK where they are peeing. Daniel has the tendency to look around and then the stream goes wild too.