Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Update!

Yesterday was a day from the dark place where there is fire and pitchforks.

Naptime with the twins was so bad they actually got their big boy beds taken away and had their mattresses on the floor. Their three hours of screaming kept Drew up, so he did not nap yesterday either.

And Drew and I headed to the after hours clinic at the doctors when his cough started sounding like a barking seal, and he was given steroids to open his little croup-filled lungs.

I wonder if he becomes a famous athlete someday, will the paparazzi find my blog and post a headline: "Drew's Mom admits to steroid use!"

That'd be kinda funny.

Today will be a better day. It has to be.

Well, I'm off to my sis-in-law Holly's house, to do some stuff and uphold a tradition. More about that later!


Anonymous said...

Too funny about the steriod use, You're a clown Tiff!!! I hope baby boy feels better soon. Love ya, Christa

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Reagan had to have steroids when she had RSV, and then again this year when she had the croup. Croup is NO fun.

Hope today is better for you. Oh yeah, I need to respond to your email too. I'll go do that right now!