Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursdays with Tiffani

I was lounging on the couch working on a beaded bridal bouquet when Marty noticed that I had not done Thursdays with Tiffani yet. I do not want to be a big old liar, so since I promised I would do it today, I am. I have twenty minutes left of today, so I'd better get cracking!

I am thankful for: My friends. Old friends like Teresa who is coming up this weekend, good friends like my Birch Bay girls, and new friends like Tiffany. I am so blessed.

I am listening to: Late night with Jimmy Fallon, I recorded it and now am watching Mark-Paul Gosselar and it's FREAKING HILARIOUS!

I am looking forward to: Emma's birthday weekend this weekend, her birthday party at the park and taking her to the zoo on her birthday, which is Monday. She doesn't know we are going to the zoo, so don't spill the beans!

What's for dinner Tonight: Tonight was a challenge. I had a plan to let the kids nap and get stuff done, then when they woke, head to the grocery store and pick up whatever looked fun to make. However, the guys showed up who were supposed to pump our septic tank. I was told they would be coming "sometime soon" back in November. I was a little shocked to see them, and the sound of the truck woke Grant and Drew, and I couldn't let Grant outside to play. Then Ben woke up and I couldn't leave since the septic truck was blocking the driveway. So I made breakfast for dinner, since that's all I had left.

Missing: Energy, time and organization. The ability to think clearly and make a plan. And, as always, my sanity. But just like a missing Boy Scout shirt, I think that one's gone for good.

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