Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Pictures!

I got a big shock yesterday.

I entered the twins' room to get them up from their nap. I rounded the corner and was met by Ben, saying "Yucky, Mommy!" and holding his poopy diaper in his hands out over the edge of the crib for me to see.

That's right, it was not on his body, it was in his hands. There was a large, lovely pile on the sheet that had been walked in and stomped around a little. He had dried poop on his foot, so I have no idea if he slept naked in a sea of nastiness.

I scooped him up, took him to the changing table and tried to clean him up, all the while I hear "Yucky, Mommy!" behind me as Grant was imitating his brother's earlier sentiments.

What I didn't know was that while I was cleaning Ben, Grant was also mirroring the activity that had brought Ben to the "Yucky, Mommy!" phase of this little game. I finished cleaning up Ben and turned to see a stark naked Grant, holding his diaper out to me as well. And then I thanked God he was not poopy.

By the way, I am finally able to upload pictures! So I took a picture of the poopy mess. It is at the end of this post, since the computer won't let me place the picture where I want it.

I was not planning on heating the house further by doing laundry at three o'clock on an eighty degree day, but I did. We had put the air conditioner in the window the night before, and it had been going since nine am, but the house was still sweltering. It was not until after my impromptu load of laundry that I realized that the air conditioner had been on the 'fan' setting instead of the 'cool' setting, and had been blowing warm, outside air into the house all day.

Because there's nothing better on a hot day than blasting hot air into a stuffy house filled with children trying to take a nap before their mother loses it.

Yesterday was just one of those days. I know that all moms have them, the ones where you just survive and try not to take your kids to the supermarket and put them in a box marked "Free Kittens" in the hope that some kind hearted person with very poor eyesight will not notice that they are not kittens and take them home.

I am trying to sleep train baby Drew so that he can sleep at night without a boob. He thinks he must nurse all night, and I need to break that habit as he fusses whenever he loses the latch and I wake up about twelve to fifteen times a night to get him back on. We got into this habit when he was screaming all night, but now removing citrus from my diet has helped that immensely. But he still wakes every half hour to forty five minutes, and I am still exhausted.

The night before last was the first night of "No boob till six am," and he screamed. From about twelve thirty to three, he screamed, but I stuck to it, knowing that this will be horrid for a few days, but then he might (gasp!) actually sleep through the night! We will see how it goes.

But in the meantime, there might be some very random posts on here, as it has been proven that the more exhausted I get, the crazier I am.

Just crazy enough to actually let you all believe I would take a picture of poop and put it on my blog. Really, did you actually believe that? I may be shameless at times, but I do have standards, people! That's just nasty! No, the pictures are not working yet, that was a lie. But I know I had a few of you freaked out for a minute there, and that brings a smile to my very tired face.


The Farmers Wife said...

Bah, I hate sleep training, I am a wussy. I wish you lots of luck though. More power to you! I hope you get some sleep in there too. heat and tiredness are not a good combo for sure!

Snow Mommy said...

Lol, I wouldn't put it past you to post poopy pictures!

Anonymous said...

Why would you do no boob till 6 am - a full happy contented baby sleeps - the ones that are hot, need MOM'S love and attention are the ones that are crying for 3 hours. This is called ON DEMAND breast feeding - he's not bottle fed - those can get on the - sleep thru the night schedule.
I had my baby on - "When you don't eat at night - you're OFF the boob schedule" in 1983. He slept thru the night when he was 5 mos old - then his father was killed and didn't sleep thru the night till 13.5 mos - oh - wait - 15.5 mos - I used white out.
So count your blessing ...

Stephana said...

I fully expected to see poop pics...I'm just a little dissapointed!!

Aimee said...

The good news is, a toddler who can take off his own diaper and give it to you to dispose of, and who recognizes that it is "yucky" is ready for potty training. Of course, you don't have to start now, but you get natural windows, and it sounds like he's in one. If you let this window go by, it may be a long time until the next one!

Love my babes said...

Honestly thought there would be a picture and w/o the smell I can smile from a afar. I have been there done that and same thing goes for the boob at night thing. Hang in there he will be fine and I am a exclusive nurser. Hope you get some sleep soon and sweet Drew as well.


TheOldestStudent said...

I'm quite disappointed not to see the mess you got stuck with! And I'm glad you figured out the AC glitch. That would suck to have it on, and not be cool, so disappointing.Good luck with the sleep training. I hope it happens fast, and you are allowed to start sleeping soon!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I ended up nursing Reagan at night until she was 18 months old for the exact same reason. I tried sleep training, I tried letting her cry it out... I tried all of it and nothing worked. So, the all night boobie buffet stayed open until one night at 18 months when she chose not to have it. And that was the end of that!