Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Moments and Sleeping Children

I am a neurotic normal mom.

I feel the need to check on my children before I go to bed at night, to make sure they are still breathing, pet their sleeping faces and whisper sweet nothings, knowing they cannot hear. I tell them I love them, and they get little flickers of smiles dancing across their soft faces, and then return to whatever dreams of candy and puppies have captured them that time.

I love this time, when all is dark and the kids are quiet. Last night I started my normal routine. Emma first, pull the blanket up and kiss her soft cheek. Smooth her hair and tell her quietly that I love her. Tuck her favorite buddy a little closer so she can find it if she wakes in the night. Slowly walk out of the room, feeling that she is indeed a gift, and shutting the door behind me.

My cup runneth over.

I went into the twins' room. Grant curled up, hugging his Ted close. Even in sleep, they are great buds. Run my fingers through his hair and stroke his plump, still baby-like cheek. I love the stage that Grant is in right now. Stuck halfway between baby and big boy, loving to cuddle him mommy as well as talk about cars, trucks, and tractors. I love my little man.

I turned to Ben, and saw him there, in the sleep position that is so Ben, sprawled as wide as he can get, his spread-eagle body attesting to the fact that he was comfy.

And he was naked.

Not like the typical, I-got-hot-so-I-took-off-my-jammies type of naked, but the I-need-to-let-the-boy-parts-air-out-from-time-to-time type of naked. His diaper was next to him in the crib, and the tape that was supposed to be keeping the diaper in place was on the floor.

My Ben, sound asleep, spread eagle and naked.

I tried to contain my laughter for fear of waking him, but looking at his sweet innocent face and all his business hanging out, and then recognizing that if he did pee in his sleep, he was lined up just so that he would spray himself in the face, I had to leave the room.

Did I take a picture? Of course! What type of photographer would I be if I did not capture this moment for future blackmail for the sweet memory? Did I call Marty in to see, and make sure to be in the room first so I could see the look on his face when he noticed the obvious nakedness? Oh, yes! Am I thinking that if I post the picture on my blog it might scar Ben for life/get me arrested for child p0rn0graphy? Yup, indeed!

So the picture will remain in the Stauffer family, not to be shared amongst the whole world. But it's funny, let me tell you.

I will leave you with a picture, though, since I can now upload them and I have a lot of pictures to put here for the past posts. Here's my tire from Tuesday:

Purdy, ain't it?

I'll be back later today for Thursday's with Tiffani!


the story of my life... said...

You are awesome!! I love it!

CulyQFun said...

OMG - that is so bad!! Check out my post when I went scrapbooking January this year.

I got not 1 but 2 flat tires. Had to get towed home And did I mention I had guests come in that night that I was late in entertaining.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Oh man, it is even more fun now to read your blog and hear your stories since I can REALLY picture it all as it REALLY is in my head!

Anonymous said...

Your blogs make my day! I love reading them because I laugh...apparently this may just be a "mommy thing". Because tonight I was reading it as Tom came up behind me and asked what I was laughing at. I read to him the part about Ben naked in the bed and as I was reading I was so surprised he wasn't just rolling on the floor the very least chuckling. But he just sat there looking really serious and confused...after I was done he said...that's her husband she's talking about??!! I just wanted to say...yep, that's her husband and make sure I introduce them next time we meet at church! Just thought I'd let you know all of the rumors your blog is starting...tell Marty not to take offense if Tom stops saying hi to him! kristen

Love my babes said...

I am dying that is so funny. Brings back memories of my connor and Kolette still does it. I actually started threatening her b/c she did it to avoid going to sleep. Of course I had to make sure donnie saw this too. Amazing that the cameras can take such a great picture in the dark but they do. Blackmail blessed blackmail. I mean precious memories.