Friday, May 8, 2009

Ham With a Side of Purell

It's Friday. The end of a long week, and it feels as though I did not accomplish anything at all this week. Usually at the end of the week, I can list through things like, I scrubbed a half of a bathroom or I painted part of a wall, but not this week. This week I just survived.

But as of yesterday, I was caught up on laundry. Not the folding and putting away part, but the washing and drying part. So I guess that's an accomplishment. And I took Drew to the doctor for his four month checkup and found out that there have been 43 confirmed cases of the swine flu in our county so far. I am usually the type that does not freak out about things like that, I really thought it had not hit our county and everyone was overreacting. This news has not slowed me down from going out, but I did decide to keep the kids out of the play area at the mall and have been hand sanitizing them whenever we get back in the van.

Oh, speaking of, I went to Target to get a new bottle of hand sanitizer since the one by the twins' changing table was empty, and the shelf was cleared out. Not a single bottle of any brand anywhere. Is it people like me that are just buying one or two at a time, and we all came in the same week? Or are people arming themselves, getting ready to hunker down in their underground bunkers like Y2K, armed and ready with their little bottles of Purell, ready to fight the germ-laden humans and pork products? "Oh no, it's bacon!" (squirt squirt squirt) "Uh, you can't get the swine flu from eating bacon, you idiot!" "I'm not taking any chances! Die, bacon, die!" (squirt squirt squirt)

As you can probably tell, I'm severely sleep deprived again.

I am going to attempt a nap. I probably shouldn't bother, since Ben is just singing happily in his crib and occasionally pounding on the walls, but knowing that Ben is not napping, and knowing what is to come this evening with a non-napped two year old, I feel I must make the attempt in order to survive.

By the way, I cannot wait for this week's Not Me! Monday! It's going to be great, filled with pictures of lawn ornaments and feet. HeeHee!


CulyQFun said...

I hear ya about the Swine flu and I was doing okay until our Pediatrician is the one who contracted it at our dr. office. We are not visiting the office for a few extra days.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Maybe we should avoid the mall next week if I make it down! I'll send you an email soon and we can make plans!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it's 43 cases in Whatcom county? Because the Washington State Department of Health posted today that there has only been 1 confirmed case in Whatcom county? ~ Kristen

Marty (Tiff's Husband) said...

43 is the number that the pediatrician told us. Seemed pretty high to us as well.

Snow Mommy said...

Whatcom County Health Dept say only 1 case confirmed. Check out Today's Bellingham Hearld for story.

The Campbell Family said...

According to Whatcom County only has 2 confirmed cases. Perhaps the Dr. meant probable or possible?

TheOldestStudent said...

Well, as long as you aren't being sneezed on by pigs in sombreros, I think you'll be fine.

Megan said...

it takes a long time to actually confirm the cases since all samples are sent to the CDC lab in Atlanta. Until then they are suspected cases only.

Anonymous said...

Ya - Egypt KILLED all their swine in an attempt to kill the flu. I wonder if they even had one case?
Ah well.
Ya - everyone is OVERREACTING!
Hope you got your nap.