Friday, May 29, 2009

Bull Riding and Bloggy Block

I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen for a while now.

Some have asked how I am able to blog every day. Trust me, it's not easy. I have a lot of anxiety about what I should blog about, just because a situation is funny at home does not mean it will be funny in writing. I worry about boring people, I worry that things that are funny in my severely sleep deprived mind are actually dumb to the "Normal People," I worry that my constant complaining about my computer is making some of you throw things at your own screens and click that little button at the top that says "Next Blog." Even if it's in Portuguese, it must be better than this one.

I wonder if some of the stories will make my children hate me later in life, but then I get the giggles picturing the twins in dresses and forget about that part. I try to be careful not to blog everything, so that I can see friends that read my blog and have a few stories to tell that they haven't already heard/read.

I learned that early on, going to a family event and describing a hee-larious event that happened and instead of getting uproarious laughter, seeing glazed over eyes because they already know how the story ends. Not fun.


And then there are days like today. I feel I must blog, since it is Friday and I have basically quit blogging on busy weekends, and I know this weekend is going to be jam packed and I feel the need to have a new post up so you all don't get bored and stop checking my blog. I fear that my humble little blog traffic will dwindle until Blogger decides to change my background to cobwebs and adds the soundtrack of chirping crickets for the few family members left that visit on occasion.

But today there is not much to share. I still have camping stories, but I want to tell stories with pictures, and I still cannot upload pictures. I have really gotten into blogging with pictures, and I am struggling now without them. Add to that that I think I have a sinus infection and I am very very tired and I am hitting a very big blogger's block.

This weekend I am helping with two weddings. My garden is still only half planted, and If it doesn't get planted by June I am going to kick myself. I really don't have the energy to kick myself, so I'd better get planting. Since June starts on Monday and all.

I will be back Monday, hopefully with stories as well as Not Me! Monday! I'm sure these weddings will bring about something interesting, but nothing will be able to beat the wedding from two weeks ago. It was the most fun ever. Seriously. The bride and groom rode a mechanical bull at their reception. Click HERE to see the preview of that one. I love when the couple has fun on their big day!

Well, have a good weekend, I will work on my insecurities and dream of the day I get to take DayQuil again, and I'll see you all Monday. Unless something really good happens between now and then...

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