Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a plan to blog a sweet, poignant blog about Mother's day and everything it means to me. But life happens, so the blog didn't.

I had a wonderful Mother's day. My first few Mother's days were not so good, I was so busy running around seeing my mom and Marty's mom, packing up the kids and all of their stuff and driving a couple hundred miles to see everyone. Don't get me wrong, honoring our mothers is something that is important to me, but instead of providing the break that I wanted, it gave me more work. At the same time, I thought of my kids growing up and moving on, and I would expect them to visit on Mother's day, so what was I complaining about?

But I would get home from a long, exhausting day, where the only difference between it and any other day was that Marty changed all the diapers and I got a card and a present. The kids would be cranky because of missed naps and changed schedules that would affect them for a couple days afterwards. And I would be in tears, after spending the day listening to well meaning people ask what special thing I was doing for Mother's day, was I thrilled about the break from responsibilities? and if I was going to get a much deserved nap.

This year we did something different. My Mother's day was Saturday.

I don't know why we didn't think of it before, the idea is brilliant. Saturday I got to sleep in while Marty took the kids outside so the house was quiet. I got a nice long shower, and I went to shoot a wedding with Amy. I got home in time to pack up the kids and head into town, where we did a little shopping. I got to buy my new grill with my birthday money that I had been saving, and for Mother's day, I got...

Are you ready for it?


Are you sure?

NEW HUBCAPS!!! And some new herbs for my planters, so Marty does not have to be "that guy" who just bought hubcaps, even though it was what I really, really wanted.

To be honest, I had no idea hubcaps were that cheap. I am a little disappointed that I have been missing hubcaps for almost two years now and you can get a set of four at Walmart for $17. I know they will not be the best hubcaps, but I will just hang on to my remaining two to replace as I lose the new ones. If my van were not 12 years old, with an unknown number of miles as the dash has not worked in a long while (but I'm guessing somewhere around 130,000,) I might invest a little more money in hubcaps. But for now, these will do just fine.

I'm a happy girl today.

Yesterday we went to church and then hit the road and headed down to my parent's house. We had an AMAZING lunch of barbecued ribs thanks to my Dad, the Super-Chef, and hung out with the family including my brother Jeff but missing his wife Beth, as she was on a plane coming home from somewhere. Then we headed out and made the trek back to Marty's mom's house, where we had a FABULOUS dinner thanks to Lori, Wayne, and Costco. Did you know if you take a Costco rotisserie chicken and throw it on a grill with amber chips and liquid smoke it's AWESOME? I didn't either!

We got home and put our very tired children into bed. I got to spend the day truly being thankful for our mothers instead of feeling a little robbed of my Mother's day, and I still got the well wishers that made it seem like Mother's day lasted all weekend for me.

Last year is a Mother's day I will never forget. I think my parents were out of town or something and we didn't go down there, but we went to Marty's mom's and then headed home I wanted to make dinner, a new recipe that I had learned at a cooking class and had been wanting to try. Marty took the kids and I spent some alone time in the kitchen, creating this wonderful dinner. We sat down at the table, and I took one bite and felt sick to my stomach. This meal that I had been wanting to make for weeks just didn't sound good, and I started to wonder if my late period was more than just my cycle being wacky.

I peed on a stick last Mother's day, and that was when we found out about Drew. I love that our little "surprise" was announced to us on Mother's day, it made things a little easier to handle. Like God was saying, "I have a plan for you, a plan to prosper you. Happy Mother's day, here's my gift."

Baby Drew has truly been a gift to us. I am so blessed to be the mother of four incredible children. Right now, Drew is napping, and Emma is laying on the couch with Ben trying to teach him to count.

Emma: Say one!
Ben: Wa?
Emma: Say two!
Ben: Too?
Emma: Say three!
Ben: Fee?
Grant, from across the room: Four!

Little smarty pants.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day!


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I love the story of your Mother's Day from last year. That is priceless! And I'm so glad that you were able to enjoy your OWN mother's day this year on Saturday. Congrats on the new hubcaps!

the story of my life... said...

I am so happy you got to celabrate on Saturday...I know how you feel..and all though we are simple..many times we find ourselves trying to defend the questions " what are you doing for Mother's day? what does your husband do for you?" I drive a 12 year old van..that I swear will die soon :) Enjoy your hubcaps..I am so with you on this whole post!! well, I didn't find out I was pregnat..Sheesh..that would be a nightmare :)

Snow Mommy said...

Don't give away the secret recipe from the ancient Costconians!

CulyQFun said...

That sounds like a great day! Good idea about Saturday.

Love the kids at the end. Can't wait to Ellia can teach Addie those kinda of things.

Surprises are the BEST. We love our little surprise...Addie.