Thursday, May 21, 2009

Filling in for Tiffani

Sister-in-law Amy here... posting for Tiffani because her computer has crashed with the blue screen of death (sounds bad). Hopefully it will be back up and running soon but until then you will not be hearing stories of her crazy life. In the meantime she would like everyone to know how cool she thinks Amy is. She even said that Amy is her favorite sister-in-law (too bad for Holly) and that she wants to be just like Amy when she grows up. Really... it's what she said word for word... why would I have reason to make this stuff up. Oh - she also wanted to encourage everyone to check out the recent wedding that her and I photographed together at - 3 of Tiffani's photos made the blog post (since she is a rockstar photographer)

Have a great Memorial Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! It's Tiff. I managed to get online, but it is very slow and with all the problems, I am not willing to put in my password anywhere, so I have to leave a comment. Which means I don't have spell check, so I have to really re-read this before I post it. And I apologize if I miss anything, I always mix up i and o when I am typing.

Yesterday, we encountered a message saying our computer was corrupted by the MSBlaster worm, and then a little while later, everything went blue and Marty said something about a Blue Screen something or other. I called my brother the computer junkie and he said, "Oh. The Blue Screen Of Death. That's baaaaad."

Which tells me one of two things. There is a chance my brother is so used to me being computerally clueless that he is really dumbing it down for me, and in four hours the whole thing will explode in a ball of blue fire. Or it's a very simple fix where all I have to do is re-boot it while holding down seven keys and wearing blue socks, and my brother is laughing and tweeting his computer-geek friends about how silly his sister is.

Either way, he's coming over on Saturday and will look at it. I am not sure I will be able to post again till next week, but I'll give it a try. Until then, you get to have a mimi vacation from me. I know my husband would like that from time to time! And I get a vacation from e-mail, blogging,and facebook. I'm off to go scrub the floor now.

Tiff probably should have been cleaning at 1:28 pm.

Snow Mommy said...

Hey, I'm the favorite sister in law! Way to suck up Amy!

Anonymous said...

Well my condolences to your blue screen computer. I HATE THAT!
Wait - you're on FACEBOOK - that must be a rockin' site too! ;)

Thanks for checking in and I think BOTH your sis-in-laws ROCK! :)
God bless you ...

Carmen O. said...

great photos! sorry about your computer. :( is this the new one?

Stephana said...

bummer Tiff....Hope you guys have a great weekend!!
BTW....Tarah finally read your not me monday post, in case she hasn't told you yet!!! Hahahaha too funny!