Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things That Make You Cry Like A Baby

The last two days have been rough.

Night before last Drew had a fever of 104.6. I took him to the doctor and found that he has a very early case of pneumonia. Perfect, just what we need. Fan-freaking-tastic.

I had all four kids with me at the doctor, because I have been abusing my babysitters lately and I knew we were needing them again soon for follow up appointments for Grant, so I wanted to not call on them. We rely on family to babysit, because we cannot afford to pay sitters, so we have to be careful not to over-work them. I want people to want to watch my kids, not to ignore my calls. :)

We headed to Target to fill the prescription for Drew, and to re-fill Grant's antibiotic. Meanwhile, Ben's pull-up leaked and he soaked his jeans. I checked the diaper bag and found fourteen sweatshirts, but no pants for any child.


Suddenly, I felt an impression on my heart. This is often how God speaks to me, so I try to listen.

"Erin will come to your rescue."

I perked up. Erin is one of my Girl's Night girlfriends, and she is fabulous. It's a small town, and I run into her all the time, so maybe she was at Target, and could stay in the car with my kids while I ran in. I started driving through the parking lot, looking for her van.

Erin wasn't there.

I kept my eye out, but she really, truly wasn't there. Maybe I was wrong. I decided to just change Ben's pull-up, put his wet jeans back on, and stick him in the backseat of the stroller where no one would see. I parked, got out of the car and went to go get the stroller.

Guess what I saw as soon as I opened the back of the van? Oh, yeah, when we had Girl's Night last week, Erin had put a box of outgrown boys clothes in my van for the twins. Right on top were several pairs of shorts, in the perfect size for Ben.

Erin cane to my rescue.

I wonder how often that happens, where I miss what God is telling me because I am looking for Him to save me in the way that I think He should. If I hadn't gotten out of the van, if I had given up and just gone home, I would never have seen the box. But it worked out better this way, where I could get Ben out of his wet pants and into the store, where it took more than twenty minutes to get the prescription, and even at that we couldn't get Grant's till today.

Thank you, Erin, you are fabulous! Thank you for saving me yesterday!

OK, things were looking up, right?


Ben started limping through Target yesterday. Not Grant, the one with Myositis, but Ben, the other twin. Limping in the exact same way that Grant started.

Talk about wanting to curl up in the fetal position and cry, right on aisle C3.

Ben limped all afternoon and evening yesterday, and is still limping this morning. His knee is slightly swollen, and I think it is warmer on the sore side, which is indicative of infection.

You have got to be FREAKING kidding me.

We just went through thins with Grant. How is it even possible that two kids in the same family could possibly get the same, rare, not-contagious thing? Is there something wrong with our house? Is there something in our water? Our yard? Our kids eat very well, they are healthy for the most part, but we have had the strangest string of infection this past year. From Grant's pneumonia in October, Drew's pneumonia now (which he hasn't even had a cold lately!) And Grant's Myositis, and now Ben's whatever is going on, I am really starting to be concerned.

So I'll pray.

Because My God is bigger than any of it. He knows what is going on, and He can help me fix it. If He can tell me exactly who is going to help me out when I forget to properly pack the diaper bag, He will certainly help me with this, I just have to stop telling Him what is wrong long enough to listen.

In order to hear God speak, you have to shut up. This is what I struggle with the most lately.

Will you pray for us today? We need it desperately.

Thank you, dear friends. You are wonderful!


Mama (Heidi) said...

Praying for healing for Grant, Ben and Drew.
I've got to say sharing your story of God leaving an impression on your heart gave me goose bumps. I love the little reminders from him that he sees us and is with us always.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Of course you have my prayers. Hang in there!

Whitney Lee said...

I believe I'd curl up and have a pity party-though I know you don't have that option. I'll say prayers for all of you, particularly you as you are obviously the rock on whom they all depend.

Stephana said...

praying for you dear friend......

DJan said...

This is a really rough patch. I have also had that "impression" and feeling that I should listen to the Voice Within. Not usually with such exact information. Hopefully you can just take your little guys through this time with the serenity that it will all be all right. Praying for you, too...

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family. Thanks for for sharing your heart! Your blogs alway makes me smile and is so encouraging. You are a great mom. Keep up the good work! Praying that your kids will get better soon!

Briana and Bella said...

Praying for you, lovely Tiffani.
And you know, if I lived in the States, I'd babysit your kids -- for no charge.