Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Strangeness and Sticky Slugs

I know, I'm being a bad blogger again.

I have a lot to say, in fact I have several posts going in which I can't seem to wrap up any of them. I'm exhausted, I'm behind on the laundry, and I am really enjoying playing outside with the kids. I have a hard time with telling Ben, "No, buddy, I can't play with you, I'm blogging."

So I keep walking away before I finish a post, and nothing gets published.

The kids are playing outside right now, and I have the door open. The computer is literally four feet from the front door, so i can keep an eye and an ear on what is going on. Ben just came to the door and asked if he could bring his slug inside.

Not just any slug, but a dead, sticky baby slug that Grant beat with Emma's baseball bat. I'm not sure if it was alive before that, but it's sure dead now.

Ben still loves his baby slug, and is carrying it around with him.

I'm telling ya, my kids are strange.

Grant had a follow up with the local doctor yesterday, and he is doing great. the doctor was very impressed with his progress, and is still baffled by the whole Myositis to begin with.

Yup, that's us, baffling doctors and loving slugs.

Drew was fussy yesterday, and at eleven last night woke up for the umpteenth time. I took his temp and found he was 104.6. I know, some parents would immediately rush their kids to the ER, but not us. We're so used to stuff like this that I gave him a bath, some drugs, and watched his temp go down. I put him to bed a little after midnight with a fever of 101, and called the doc this morning to have him seen this afternoon.

What is normal has shifted. What was scary isn't as much anymore. If the kid is giggling, and isn't breathing hard or looking especially sick, he's going to be fine till morning.

Oh, and I need to do a better job of stocking my medicine cabinet. I had just bought more Motrin, but had bought Children's instead of Infant's. So I had no bottles of Infant's Motrin, but three bottles of Children's. Fan-freaking-tastic. Luckily, the Tylenol worked.

We are headed to our home away from home back to the doctor's office this afternoon. I'm going to tell my doctor today that I expect to be invited to his kids' college graduation, so I can appreciate what I paid for.

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DJan said...

Boy, it never rains but it pours. And it sounds like it's pouring pretty darn hard in your house. Hope the kids are all right!