Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looking Up

Things are looking up around here.

Ben's doctor appointment went well. His knee pain seems to be either injury related or some virus in his body that is causing his cough is also showing itself in his joints and causing the limp. By the time I got him to the doctor yesterday, he was much better and barely limping at all.

Thank you, Lord!

Infections like Grant had do not ebb and flow, they just get progressively worse, so it is very highly unlikely that Ben has the same thing. I am so very grateful.

Marty's Facebook status from last night reads:
Dear Emma, Monday we took Grant to the Dr. for his follow up appointment, Tuesday Drew went to the Dr. with Pnuemonia, and today Ben went to get his leg checked out.......Good luck tomorrow sweetheart!

Yeah, that's about how we feel. Luckily, Emma has been healthy as a horse through this whole thing. To the extent that on our way to the doctor on Tuesday, she mentioned to me the wonderful fact that we really don't go to the doctor that often, and isn't that a good thing that our family is so healthy we don't have to go to the doctor much at all? After I finished laughing, I explained to her that she doesn't go the doctor that often, but think of all the times she gets to play with Grandma or Auntie or Daddy while Mommy is gone with one of the boys.

I truly love that she is oblivious to it all.

I got Drew's medicine re-flavored yesterday, and he is taking it finally. He was in rough shape yesterday, we kept his fever down around 101 with Motrin, but his little voice was all scratchy and his cough sounded horrid. He was in good spirits, and we decided to call him the Marlboro baby, we all laughed at the cute little thirty-year-smoker voice.

We have Grant's follow ups at Children's tomorrow, so we will be gone all day. We are going camping this weekend, and I haven't even started packing/meal planning/grocery shopping/list making/activity thinking/swimsuit finding/flashlight unearthing/battery buying/tent finding/van loading and everything else.

I gotta lot to do today. And it's supposed to rain this weekend, and we are tenting it. I have images of fun, memory making, bonding family time. I am sincerely hoping I am not completely delusional about fun times with six people in a tent in the rain.

Have a great day, everyone, I gotta get working!

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Carmen O. said...

crazy girl!! camping?! now?!

have fun. one of our fondest memories that always makes us laugh is of pitching and striking a tent in the rain on a road trip in New Hampshire.

Hope it's great!