Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A First

This morning I put the boys in their brand new, picked-out-by-themselves, big boy undies. And we have every intention of never looking back.

Ben has a variety of superheros, and Grant has a variety of Disney characters. Emma tried to convince them to get the really cool, sparkly Tinkerbell ones, I think just because she wanted to have them.

So far, poor Ironman has been peed on once. The frustrating part is that Ironman was fine, and Ben said he had to go potty, but them on the way to the bathroom got distracted and played in the hall till he peed on Ironman.

Poor Ironman. I can't imagine urine would be really good on iron.

Sorry, I'm still sleep deprived.

Well, wish me luck, pray for my sanity, or bring me wine, but here we go. I have no intention of looking back.

and just for fun, here's a little something that is freaking hilarious.

My friend Tarah sent me an e-mail today, with a link to the Jansen Family's Blog. On it was this video, that I just had to share.

Holy canolies, batman. Now THAT was funny.

Hope you enjoy!


Stephana said...

Good luck keeping the undies dry & I love this video!!! Keepin' things real ;)

Kymberly Janelle said...

that is one of the funniest videos ever. I love it :)

Good stuff right there

Shell said...

Good luck with the potty training!

Love that video!

DJan said...

Gee, I wonder why you could relate to this video so well? Yes, it's totally hilarious, and I love it. Thanks for making my Wednesday!! :-) And good luck with the Ironman.

Whitney Lee said...

We are getting ready to tackle potty training-as soon as I work up the energy-so I'm wishing you much much luck in big boy undie world. Maybe it'll be one of those things where it'll boomerang back to me!

Beth said...

That's AWESOME!!! =D