Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiff Answers, Part 2!

I have to say, this whole Ask Tiff thing has been fun. It has been interesting to see your questions, should we do this more often? Is it as much fun for all of you as it is for me? Are you doing happy dances every time someone leaves a comment? Oh, that's just me? *sigh* Alright.

Moving on, here are the rest of the questions, asked by you, my wonderful readers!

Djan asked: Were you the class clown in school? Where and how did you develop your slightly satiric sense of humor?? You are laugh-out-loud funny sometimes.

And then Brenda commented: I don't currently have a question but I'm going to try to keep you honest here... NO, she was not the class clown in school!

Wow, Brenda, did you think I would lie about it? Sheesh...

Maybe we should ask Brenda what I was like in school. Since I met her on the first day of seventh grade, and I haven't been able to get rid of her we have been friends ever since. No, I was not the class clown in school. I was more of the geeky, tall, waaaay to skinny kid. Seriously, I graduated high school 5'9" and about 112 pounds. I didn't speak up much until I got to know people, I was pretty shy. Once you got to know me, I like to think I was funny, but maybe not. Brenda will have to set us straight on that one. Strange to think of that now, that is really not me anymore.

As far as where I got my sense of humor, it came from this guy.
People meet my Dad and after about five minutes, they say, "OK, it's all starting to make sense now. I get it."

Thanks for thinking I am laugh-out-loud funny. I still can't believe people are entertained by my ramblings about poop.

I want to know how you cross out words.

First time caller I mean question asker of Ask Tiff. Thanks so much for taking my question I was so nervous...

OK, this one is easy. Don't be nervous, Amy, I only make you bite the head off a Barbie on your second question...

To cross out words, just type it like this: <>words I want crossed out< /del> Just don't put the spaces in there, and it will work. When I remove the spaces, it looks like this: words I want crossed out Very cool, huh?

**UPDATE** I am writing this, but when I publish it, it is not showing up. To cross out words, do these things<> around the letters del in front, then these things <> around /del at the end. I hope this makes sense. what you see above is wrong, you have to have del in the little brackety things, but it keeps dropping them when I publish the post.

Aimee said... What do you mean "when we found out about Drew?" Is there something special about Drew? I'm kind of a new reader so I hope I'm not being totally obtuse. And BTW, your blog is the only one that I have to wait until I finish my coffee to read, or there will be coffee coming out of my nose and I don't want that to happen EVERY morning. You are a great writer and make wonderful stories out of everyday occurrences, which is a gift.

Coffee out your nose? Oh, don't do that, that sounds very painful. I cannot imagine going to the hospital with second degree burns to your sinuses and having to explain that you got then from reading a story about a crazy woman with dimpled thighs and belly flab running around in a bikini. I shudder at the thought...

When I say "when we found out about Drew," I am referring to when we found out we were pregnant with Drew. At the time, Marty had already gotten the referral and the physical for a vasectomy, and we had just had a garage sale where we got rid of all of our newborn stuff. The twins were fifteen months old, they had barely started sleeping through the night, and we were just starting to feel like we were treading water instead of constantly struggling to stay afloat. A new baby was not exactly what we had in mind!

But to be honest, it was not as big of a deal as people might think. We kind of said, "Wow. That'll be fun." And we kept on with life. I insisted on an ultrasound at our first appointment, and we learned that this wee one was one instead of two, so we were fine. After twins, one would seem easy. We kind of figured that if God decided we could handle it, who were we to question?

Ok, I have two questions: - Have you ever thought about or looked into free lance writing...you truly have the gift and it encourages people and makes them laugh!!! - After the twins did you want more kids? I know that before Drew was even born you made sure that future blessings would not be coming your way anymore...did you not do that when you were pregnant with the twins because you knew you wanted more? Have a great day!!! Kristen

Kristen, you are fabulous. Thank you for all your kind comments! I have never considered myself a good writer, I actually failed English in high school and college. I have been getting a lot of good comments on my blog, though, so I did look into free lance writing a couple of months ago. To be honest, I don't know where to start and I don't have time to research it. I kind of think that funny mommy bloggers are a dime a dozen, I don't know that I am any better than hundreds of other bloggers. I am thinking in a couple years when things calm down a little I might at least try and pursue it, though, we will see!

As far as having more kids- like I said before, we always said we wanted 2.5 kids. When we found out we were having twins, Marty's first reaction was, "I need to get a hysterectomy!" He was ready to have surgery that day, except for the fact that, you know, he never had a uterus. We decided we were done after the twins, did you know that if you naturally conceive and carry twins once, your chanced of having them again quadruples? Yeah, not a good thought. We decided not to take any permanent measures at that time, as several friends had done that recently and regretted it. We agreed to wait until the twins were a year, to make sure our decision was based on what we really wanted and not just "twin shock." After a year, we both felt that it would be just too much to have another child, we could not imagine another set of twins. (Fifteen passenger van, anyone?) We started the process of a permanent solution, but obviously God had other plans for our family. And we are so glad that despite our best effort, Drew joined our family. Our family really feels complete now, and we could not imagine life without our little surprise.

Anonymous asked: What is it like to be related to the one and only REAL "King Jullian"? :) You, I am sure know who this must be cuz I am so beautiful and you love to love me :) Don't you wish you where me? I just love me so much! You want to touch me don't you? lol lol lol

OK. I'm going to answer these one at a time. You have to type slowly and use small words with some people, and I don't want to confuse this reader.

What is it like to be related to the one and only REAL "King Jullian"? :)
Well, it's kind of embarrassing, for one. Do you really have to wear the lizard-crown when we go out in public? And walking up to people in church yelling, "Come on everybody! Let's go meet the pansies!" It's too much, really.

You, I am sure know who this must be cuz I am so beautiful and you love to love me :) Yeah, I know who you are. You are this guy. But with red hair.

Don't you wish you where me? Where? Do I need mapquest for this one?

I just love me so much! You want to touch me don't you? Ummm... I think that is illegal in several countries. "Don't touch the feet!"

lol lol lol Keep laughing, buddy. I get to choose your nursing home someday. Love you! :)

Carmen O. said... what am i thinking RIGHT NOW? You are thinking, "Wow, that explains a lot. I wonder if that King Julian guy is serious. And I thought my family was strange..." Oh, and you are also thinking, "Wow, Tiffani is soooo cool! I want to be just like her someday!"

Dan said... When will my editor ever finish proofing my submittal???
Oh, Crayola, your editor forgot. Again. And it's been what, two months? Umm... Your editor would like you to re-submit your writing sample and I will get to it at my earliest convenience, and I would like to formally apologize for the delay. Because of this unfortunate turn of events, I will reduce your fee by half.

Your welcome.

Well, that's all the questions this time, thank you all for playing along!


The Campbell Family said...

LOL sorry to imply you might be a liar. Tiff is NOT a liar. Her answer about 'class clown' was pretty accurate but she forgot to mention she was quiet AND sweet... she really isn't the same person!!

I still love her, as she said, she can't get rid of me. 20 years of friendship (and secrets) makes it hard :)

Tiff said...

Wait a minute Brenda, I was sweet, but now I'm not the same person? What does that make me now, a meanie-head? You better watch out, or I'll bust out more Jr High pictures! :)

Love ya!

Carmen O. said...

Tiff, you hit the nail on the head! Now I know you're psychic too!

This is a load of fun! Great idea! Next time I'll think of something more original. :)