Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursdays With Tiffani

I'm thankful for: our fabulous financial advisor, Layne Johnson at Waddell & Reed. We got our quarterly statement this week and our portfolio increased by almost 20% during a recession. Now, do realize that we are only talking about a teensy bit of money here, since we spend $200 a month on diapers and baby food and cannot contribute much toward retirement our account is rather small, but still. That's pretty freaking cool. And as we are very loyal people to those who do well by us, I will post his phone number (360)734-4728, as a thank you for the fabulous job being super-cool. Call him, and tell him Tiffani Stauffer sent you!

Looking forward to: the UPS man driving his big brown truck to deliver the new lens I bought this week! I sold my old camera and put the money into a new lens for my new camera, and found one that I think I will love. I sure hope I do love it, I cannot afford anything better! Oh, and Gordon and Tracie are home today, so I cannot wait for her to read this post and find out what we did to her house!

I'm listening to: I was just listening to Emma explain to Grant that the new bookmark he was holding had to be hers. "Grant, I think it is mine. See? It has a school bus on it so it has to be mine. I think it must have came in the mail as a congratulations for going into Kindergarten."

What's for dinner tonight: We are going to a barbecue for Marty's softball team tonight. My fabulous husband, who has to have a plan for every moment of every day, has not yet informed me if it is a potluck or not. Even though I asked last week. And three times this week. And if he calls me at four o'clock to tell me it is a potluck and i have to fix something, I just might beat him. And if he does not call me at all, and I show up empty handed and it is a potluck, I will

Missing: I am still missing one tennis shoe. And yesterday I decided to start Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, especially after I saw some test shots Amy did of me at a wedding and I looked horrible. I got seven minutes into the workout and quit, because I really am that out of shape because I was barefoot and I didn't want to injure myself. I would love the convenient excuse of not having shoes to continue my no-exercise lifestyle, but I cannot handle going out in public looking like I am carrying a lumpy pillow under my shirt around my belly. So I need to find my shoe. And Ben's not talking.


The Campbell Family said...

Well guess what, I'm not using my shoes right now so you can borrow them lol. Well, at least the left one!! Which one are you missing?!?!

DJan said...

I understand that sentiment of wanting to get rid of lumps and bumps. But hey, give yourself a break already! You've had a few reasons. I myself find that doing the South Beach diet really helps to get going and gives me incentive to keep it up. I am looking forward to more pictures, which are absolutely wonderful. Plus you have a great sense of humor that really adds to your writing. Thanks for sharing this.