Friday, July 17, 2009

Things We Have Learned Part Four

This week, I learned that if the kids have been sitting happily at the table, coloring with markers for a half hour, not even looking like they are thinking about moving, it is still not a good idea to walk out of the room to speed-diaper-change Drew. Even if I am only gone for six seconds.

Grant learned that if Mom walks out of the room, running away with a red marker and immediately coloring on your bedding is a sure-fire way to get in a lot of trouble.

Baby Drew discovered that if you suck on your toes while you are eating your dinner, you can mash some strained peas in between them and save yourself a snack for later.

I have not yet learned how to get carrots out from under his toenails.

Marty learned that if you roll up the garden hose on the hose-rolley-stand-thingy, but don't remove the sprinkler, you will get in trouble with your wife for not finishing the job.

I learned that if the hose is rolled up, it is a good idea to look and see if the sprinkler is still attached and pointing your direction, because just turning on the faucet will spray a big stream of water straight up the leg of your shorts and goose you. And if you call your husband up to blame him, he will just laugh and laugh. And them laugh some more.

And if this happens while you are potty training two little boys, you will not be able to convince them that you were sprayed by the hose, you did not actually have an accident.

And your husband will continue to laugh.

Marty learned that is he continues to laugh at situations such as these, he will get his ear flicked when the kids are not looking.


The Campbell Family said...

Only an ear flick? He's a lucky boy, don't let him and Matt talk...

Marty said...

Hee, Hee, Hee, Oww!

CulyQFun said...

Ohhhh my gosh too funny!!!

Unknown said...

AH HA! And a stealth ear flick?? Yet another reason to love you, girl (even if you're a Cool Ranch Hater).


Melissa said...

oops.. hate when I try to be anonymous logged into the wrong acct... DAGNABBIT!

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

You and Marty trip me out with all of your little pranks... even if this one wasn't intentional!