Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!

As always, this was created by MckMama, head on over to her blog to see what she and everyone else have NOT been doing this week!

It has NOT been three weeks since I have done a NOT Me! Monday! There is NO WAY I would neglect one of my favorite topics for that long because of sickness/tiredness/overall laziness.

We got our tax return a couple of weeks ago, and I had a blast spending some of the money. I planned a huge shopping day, complete with detailed lists and budgets and everything. I actually do love that type of organization. It's just the remembering what day it is and doing the right thing on the right day stuff that gets me.

My first stop needed to be Costco, so I threw a cooler in the back of the van to keep stuff cold while I finished the rest. I had a reasonably-sized list, I did NOT buy so much stuff that I truly struggled to fit it all in the van. I did NOT spend a few minutes staring into the van and wondering if I would have to bungee-cord a case of diapers to the top. I did NOT end up with two cases of diapers on the front seat next to me, meaning when I met up with my hubby after work he had to put them in his car just to fit himself in mine.

My next stop was Walmart, which is a place I detest. However, we needed a new toilet seat, and the prices there cannot be beat. I was NOT so over-eager upon leaving, that I exercised my fabulous push-button-back-hatch-opener-thingy while we were still a few cars away from our van, so that it would be completely open by the time I got there. NOPE, I didn't! So there was NO WAY I was holding hands in a nice long chain of kids with Drew and a toilet seat in my arm, and about twenty feet away when the hatch started to open, quickly revealing that the load had shifted in transit and the cooler was leaning on the back gate.

I mean, how horrid would that be, if I were walking along and could watch the cooler sloooowly tilting further and further, and be powerless to stop it, until the door opened completely and the cooler dumped out of the van, the lid flew open and then it rolled a few feet, spilling all my food across the parking lot of WallyWorld. I'm so glad that did NOT happen to me. Because if it did, and the Costco-sized carton of eggs were in the cooler, and therefore cracked open, spilling suddenly-scrambled eggs all over my packages of salmon burgers, meatballs and cheese, I just might have cried right there in the parking lot.

That was a close one. Glad that was NOT me!

And since it WASN'T me, I don't have to worry about the fact that the cooler's lid snapped off on impact, leaving behind a broken, egg-covered mess of a cooler.

And since that still WASN'T me, I certainly would NOT have been so mad when I got home that I unpacked the cooler, washed off the contents, and left the egg-soaked broken mess outside on the patio, contemplating just throwing the whole thing out for so long that the egg inside started to stink. NOPE, I'm so very glad that was NOT me!!

What have you NOT been doing this last week (or three?)

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