Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adding Another Notch On My Mother-Of-The-Year belt

Ahhh, Valentines day.

I remember loving Valentines day as a kid. The school parties were great, and I LOVED handing out Valentines and getting some in return. Emma has had parties at her pre-school before, but this year was her first real-school Valentines day party.

She was so excited.

They sent a letter home in her pee-chee folder a couple weeks beforehand, and we had been diligently working on her Valentines, a few each day, ever since. Valentine's day was on Sunday, so I just assumed the party was on the Friday prior.

You can imagine my sinking-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach horror-type-feeling when my darling daughter got home from school on Wednesday wearing a heart-shaped crown and carrying a bag of Valentines.

I missed it completely.

A beautiful stack of Valentines, just sitting on the kitchen counter, waiting to be delivered to her classmates and the party went on without them.

I was devastated.

Emma was fine.

"It's OK, mom," she told me. "Teacher says we can bring them next year."

"Next year, or next school day, baby? Did we miss it completely?"

"Ummm... maybe next school day. No, I think next year. Yup, it's next year. Don't worry, mommy, I can just save these till next year." Her sweet smile tried to cheer me up. She could tell how upset I was, and she wanted to make it right. That girl has a tender heart, I tell you.

"Sweetheart, next year you won't be in the same class as some of these kids. Try and remember what your teacher said."

"I think she said next week. Yup, it's next week. for sure."

Turns out Friday was a teacher workday, so no school. The bad thing is, remember my big beautiful calendar I bought to try and be more organized? Yup, it has "No School" written in on Friday. I didn't put it together. The letter that came home clearly stated the party was on Wednesday, I just assumed it was the school day before Valentines day, which, technically, it was.

I gotta start writing a lot more stuff on my calendar.


TheOldestStudent said...

I told you she was fine... And in years to come, what she'll remember about this Valentine's Day, is the special time each day, that she got to spend with you getting her cards ready. That and, she was the ONLY on who GOT to bring hers on Tuesday. Everyone else had to bring them the Wednesday before, but SHE is special and got to bring them on a different day!

Shell said...

Oh, no! At least she wasn't upset about it!

Jennifer said...

Tiffani I really love your posts!

Don't be too hard on yourself. The party was for your daughter who had a great time despite not having her valentines!