Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ask Tiff! Part Three!

Alrighty, folks! I aim to finish the Ask Tiff questions that you, my loyal readers, want to know!

Stephana said...

How many times a week are you jogging/running?

-your running partner!!

Well, my darling running partner, since I always run with you and only you, you would know as much as I! For the rest of you, Stephana is my good friend, fabulous hairdresser, and my new running partner. As a wonderful new year's resolution to get in better shape, we wanted to run together. And it sounds so fit and fun to have a running partner. We have a great time, talking about running, Facebooking about running, joking about running, it's almost as good as if we were actually running together.

I love having a running partner! It just makes me feel athletic.

Anonymous said...

When you were young and dumb....were you always responsible and make the right choices?
Might be some funny stories there!

Brenda A

Oh, I'm sure there are some funny stories there! Like any child, I did not always make the right choices, but I think I was overall a pretty good kid. Nothing like my Dad, though, I mean, I never hung Bradley.

Have you ever heard the hung Bradley story? No? Well, let me fill you in to try and distract you from the fact that I am not telling my own story of childhood disobedience!

When my dad was a kid, he was playing cowboys and Indians with Bradley, a neighborhood kid. Since Bradley was the bad guy, my dad thought it would be a good idea to put a chain around his neck and around the top of the swingset. Sure, it was all fun and games, till Bradley didn't like it anymore and accidentally kicked the bucket he was standing on out from under himself, and was suspended in the air by a chain around his neck. My dad, being the completely responsible kid he was, got scared and ran away, leaving Bradly to hang.

Luckily, my Grandma saw this out the kitchen window and saved Bradley. And I have to say, many times in my childhood I thought a punishment was too severe, but nothing compared to what happened to my dad after he hung Bradley.

Snow Mommy said...

Are you ever going to buy new tennis shoes?

I am so excited that since you asked this question, I have found my tennis shoes! It's funny though, they had been missing so long I had built them up in my mind to the point that they were practically new, but reality means they are a lot more worn than I remember. I will buy new tennis shoes fairly soon, especially since I need a good pair for all the running I have been doing lately. :)

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