Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful for: Today, I am thankful for my wonderful neighbor who, upon realizing we did not make it to the school bus this morning, came over to see if we were OK. Which made me realize that it was Friday today and a school day, a fact that I had missed completely. Ensue running-around-the-house-to-get-everyone-ready-super-fast mode. And then drive Emma to school, unshowered and still in my jammies. Very thankful that I didn't run into anyone in the parking lot.

Looking forward to: I am so very excited our tax return came today! WooHoo! I am looking forward to spending money on things we need, but have gone without. For example, I have been using the same razor for two years. Yeah.

What's for dinner tonight: I don't know, but this money just might burn a hole in our pockets and we might splurge. Maybe, just maybe, we'll hit up the ever-so-fancy Costco hot dog line. Yup, we're living large.

Listening to: The Imagination Movers on TV, and Grant playing with his fire truck. Drew's sleeping and Emma's at school (finally) so the boys are happy watching TV. I have been trying to enforce turning the TV off early in the day, so that might not last too long, though.

Missing: Not missing my shoe. Not missing my Costco card. Still missing the hairbrush that disappeared out of my bathroom drawer during Marty's birthday party a year and a half ago, but have given up on that one. Wow, I think I'm good right now. Scary!

Wanting/needing: Definitely some organization around here, since I can't even keep track of what day it is vs. what day Emma goes to school. Must work on that one.

Quote of the week: From Ben: "You gotta get over here and get me apple juice!" and "You gotta change me!" as well as "You gotta come here!" oh, and don't forget "You gotta get me this show!" Yeah, that's his new phase. It's fabulous. Let me tell you, it's working out really well for him. I love it. OK, I'll stop now before the sarcasm drips off your screen and makes a little Tiffani-sarcasm-pool on your desk. Trust me, that stuff's hard to clean up.

Don't forget to visit Tiffiny at The Story of Our Life, who created Friday Facts! What are yours?


DJan said...

Tiff, your sense of humor just cracks me up. Good thing I don't have sarcasm pools on my computer screen! :-) And you know, you GOTTA get me some apple juice! Now! :-)

And congrats on living large over at Costco. If I see you hanging out over there, I'll come and say hello...

Carmen O. said...

hi, there! We go to Costco for Lunch on Saturdays with our whole crew in tow. What happened to the world where a small family with four kids gets stares like you're a travelling circus? And in what planet did they decide that a four-seater table was a "family sized table"? lol
costco fast food rocks!

Christy said...

Hehe, we lose hairbrushes all the time, we have to buy a new one about once a month!