Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me! My child! Monday

Instead of our usual Not Me! Monday! we will be having Not My Child! Monday! Just for fun.

As usual, this was created by MckMama, who is fabulous and her blog can be found HERE.

Welcome to Not Me! My Child! Monday! This one is going to be short, as I am here with my brother who is visiting for the day, and I don't want to be rude and ignore him while I am blogging. I will throw flying monkeys at his face, but I do have some standards for appropriate behavior with guests!

This week, under the close and careful supervision of their father, my children were NOT fed Jell-O as their fruit and vegetable serving for dinner. Twice. In a row. Including the night that they were fed a "fun, picnic style dinner" which did NOT include one large plate of cheese and crackers and one large plate of Jell-O jigglers in the middle of the living room rug, and told to go for it. We did NOT decide that we are introducing them to another culture by serving them like this, and called it Asian family style dinner.

During one of the days that my children were left unattended under the close care and supervision of their father, who is also my loving husband, the twins did NOT drive their new-to-us Power Wheels Chevy Silverado through my garden. And my darling husband did NOT just try to pull up and straighten the corn stalks so that I would never notice. He did NOT write about it as his Facebook status update, blowing his cover.

My children were NEVER put to bed in t-shirts as jammies, and then allowed to wear the shirts as shirts the following day. We always put them in proper sleep attire!

What did your kids NOT do this week?


CulyQFun said...

Seriously he let them ride through your garden?? Uggh, husbands love them but sometimes....what are they thinking?

the story of my life... said...

Love it!! How do you cross out words?

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Reagan was so tired from playing hard at the beach all day that I let her skip her bath. I did NOT just dress her in footed pajamas knowing then that all the filth would at least be contained inside her jammies!

Love my babes said...

Yeah I would love to know how you cross out words too:o)