Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday!

This blog carnival was created by MckMama, and is a wonderful way for us to confess our weekly naughtiness in a fun way. Won't you join in?

I was NOT really, really excited about opening a new body wash this week. Maybe I am the only one, but I really love going into my bathroom cabinet and sorting through the scents of Bath and Body Works body washes that I stock up on when they are on sale. This week, I chose Sweet Pea, it just seemed fitting for the season. Heavenly! I was NOT really disappointed that it did not lather well, and that I needed to re-load my scrubby twice during my shower. It did NOT take me a full week to discover that is was body cream, and not creamy body wash. I am much smarter than that!

I did NOT decide after my poop filled day on Thursday, to continue the potty training process and put the twins in big boy undies on Friday. I did NOT think to myself, "It cannot be any worse than yesterday, right?" The twins did NOT have four accidents in under an hour, and Ben did NOT have an accident while I was feeding Drew his lunch, and while I was cleaning it up, Drew did NOT get tired of waiting and decide to feed himself.I did NOT give up and put them back in pull ups.

My friend Tracie did NOT go out of town this weekend. Heeheehee! I'm sure by now you all know about our little traditions of pranking our friends houses while they are out of town, but just in case, go HERE and HERE to get caught up.

Are you all with me? Good.

Tracie's husband, Gordon, has a brother named Brad. Brad stayed at the house to take care of the farm, and was given specific instructions to not let us in the house. And that's not a not me Monday not let us in, that was a for real not let us in.

So we got to thinking. More specifically, Holly and another person who will remain nameless (but was really and truly not me!) got to thinking. And the decision was to honor their requests and stay out of the house. I mean, they already had the toilet, and we were getting bored with re-arranging spice racks and putting bed pillows in bathtubs.

We did NOT accost Brad and leave him no choice, bribing him with brownies and company. And take pictures of his innocence to prove it.

We did NOT have a party. We did NOT bring a potluck, with yummy meat and use their barbecue for a fabulous dinner. Without them. Who would do such a thing? Not Me!

And their dogs did NOT get a hold of a shish-kabob and eat it. I mean, really. I would NEVER feed someone's dogs people food. Even though it was an accident.

We did NOT let our kids jump on their trampoline. And that is NOT my super-hot hubby watching the kiddos jump to make sure they stayed safe. Isn't he cute?
And being that it was a mid-eighty-degree day, we did NOT have a pool party and go swimming, using their pool toys and accessories, and having a grand old time. That is NOT Holly holding Grant on the deck, and I am NOT holding Ben in the pool.
But really, look at this backyard. Wouldn't you NOT crash and have a pool party, too? My niece Lily says, "Yes! Yes, I would!"
Love you, Tracie!

What did you NOT do this week?


Deborah said...

Oh how absolutely fun! I love your prank tradition and the way you so didn't do it to your friend. The pool looks great BTW, it's been in the 100's where I live so I need a friend like that.

Glad to see someone else with PT Not Me's although your twins look much younger so you are making me look bad ; )

CulyQFun said...

OMG - how funny all of them.
Did you really crash in on your friends house while they were away??? That is great.

Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I love that you were using lotion for body wash! Why? Because I have done the EXACT same thing before!!!

TheOldestStudent said...

hehehe! Lotion... How come I never get in on the good stuff? I want to go swimming... I'm beginning to think you don't like me as much as you say...

Unknown said...

OH, I love picking out a new lotion, too! Funny though that you had teh cream instead of the wash, oops!

How fun to crash your friend's house while away..hehe!

Stopping in from NMM!