Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Facts

Friday Facts was stolen from created by Tiffiny at The Story Of Our Life. Won't you join in on the fun?

Thankful For:

I am thankful for my family. When things happen unexpectedly, our family is always there for each other, and I am so glad to be part of both my original family as well as my married-into family. They are truly the best!

Listening To:

The rain on our metal roof. I love this sound. If ever I win the lotto and build my dream house, I will definitely consider a metal roof, just for the sound of the rain.

What's For Dinner:

Ham and cheese sandwiches, and whatever else I pack in a picnic to eat while we are van-shopping tonight. It would be a great night to eat out, but we can't afford to, since, you know, we have to buy a van.

Looking Forward To:

Being done van-shopping. This stinks, and I'm not having fun. I just want to be done and appreciate the new(ish) van, without trying to coordinate test drives in the rain where you have to take four small kids along, meanwhile stressing if you are really getting the right one or if it's going to break down in three years.

I am needing or wanting:

A date night with my hubby. It would be so nice to get to go out and shoot some pool, like we did when we were dating. Sometimes life just takes over and you wonder where the month went, till you realize you were dealing with all kinds of stresses and you need a re-connect. Oh, and I am still wanting the winning lotto ticket to blow into my yard, since I never buy one...


Well, Ben's shoe has been found! I took the kids' bike helmets out to storage for the winter, and lo and behold, Ben's shoe had been neatly tucked under Grant's helmet. Which was kept, ironically, in the cabinet that we store the shoes. I wonder why we never looked under the bike helmets before. Maybe we are dumb. Or just sleep deprived. Or, we actually did look there, but the black-hole properties of Ben's Secret Stash actually move objects around the house at random.

Grant's Ted went missing for a while this week, but was then found in the top drawer of Emma's bathroom organizational thingy where her hair ribbons are kept. Makes sense, right? No? OK, not to me, either.

I am still missing my tennis shoe. I have checked behind the TV and in the outside freezer. You just never know where things might be around here...

Quote of the Day...

OK, this was actually a while ago, but it's too cute/strange not to share. My kids like to try new foods, and Emma has had it in her mind to eat bear meat. Since Uncle David is a hunter, I had Emma ask him if he could shoot her a bear. And then I laughed, since I'm sure Uncle David would rather not run into a bear on his pheasant/duck/elk/whatever he was after at the time hunt.

Well, Uncle David went hunting recently, and I told Emma that he was going hunting, and just for fun, asked if she thought he would shoot a bear for her. She thought about it, and replied, "Well, I don't want him to kill a bear. And if he shoots it, he might kill it. I just want him to find a bear, and scoop out a little bit for me to try, and let it go back to it's family."

Well, okey dokey then. Good luck with that one, Uncle David!


Carmen O. said...

That is just TOO funny! Kids are hilarous!

Snow Mommy said...

Ems, you crack me up!

DJan said...

That is truly hilarious (the bear meat part). I also love the sound of the rain but I won't feel as happy to hear it in a coupla months. Good luck on that van hunting! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

TheOldestStudent said...

You can have a date night next Friday, I think. Just let me double check my schedule. I think I'm free to watch the kids, but I'll let you know for sure on Tuesday.