Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What He Said:

"Mommy, I poopy, I poopeeeee?"

What I heard:
"Mommy, I have a poopy diaper, will you change it, prettypleaserightnow?"

How I responded:
"Buddy, I'm fixing lunch right now, but I'll change you when I am done, OK? Have patience, you can wait a few minutes."

What he actually meant:
"Hey, Mom! You know how before we left this morning, you put a diaper on me? Well, when I was supposed to be finding my coat, I actually got undressed, took the diaper off, and put my pants back on over, well, nothing. That's right, I have been without a diaper all morning. Even in the car, and through the errands we ran. Yup, I've been naked for a few hours now, and I've been dry the whole time. And now, I really have to pee, so could you give a kid a hand?"

How I felt when I ignored his whining and then watched as he peed all over himself and the living room floor:
Well, let's not even go there. But it was baaaaaad.


Briana and Bella said...

oh dear!! he's very keened to be potty trained, which is good really. Better than Pickle who is going to be 3 in April and is very adamant about no potty. But its hard, theres a baby in the house so he regressed a bit. Though you have a baby too. All kids are different.
my brother refused to be potty trained. He had amazing bladder control, but would rather the nappy so everyone said "just take the nappy off him"
He didn't have a single accident from 7am to 7pm. He also didnt use the potty. Mum had to call the doctor because she could see his swollen bladder (shes a nurse) but he refused to use the potty!!

kids amuse me sometimes, unless I'm the one in charge! :P

DJan said...

I think it's wonderful that he is so anxious to be potty trained. Hang on, Tiff. It's not too far in the future that you will only have ONE in diapers. Then, none. Trust me. It will happen and then you will have to write about the mischief they get into while you're not looking...