Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am going to try and buy a van.

I hope this works out, I hope that everything the salesman told my Dad is true and we can make this particular van work.

And I sincerely hope that my sweet little van will actually make it to the dealership, and not break down or explode into a ball of flames before I get there.

Thank you, Holly for watching the boys, you rock!

(deep breaths)


Vintage Dutch Girl said...

OOO I hope you can get one today! It's been quite an ordeal for you, hasn't it!? And yes, buying a new vehicle is an AMAZING amount of work. Let us know!

DJan said...

Well, I just checked on the astrological aspects for today, it being the first day after a new moon, and this little gem: Combination of Moon with Saturn may bring positive movements in base metals during first half of the day.

So get ye cracking, Tiff! Sounds good for today.