Thursday, March 29, 2012


It has been a DAY.

A day of tattling, whining, tattling, yelling, tattling, complaining, and tattling.  My eye is twitching and even the cat has figured out that leaving me alone is really the safest option right now.  This is not one of those days filled with joy and wonder of life viewed through the eyes of children, I am just ready for them to go to bed.

I was in the kitchen making dinner, when I heard a bicker starting.  I firmly believe that parents who involve themselves in every sibling spat are setting their children up to never be able to resolve conflict on their own, so I kept chopping chicken and waited to hear the inevitable escalation.  When Emma came into the kitchen and started with the "Mooom?!?"  I took a deep breath before I answered her.

Exhale.  Three hours till bedtime.  I can do this.  "Yes, dear?"

"Mom, could you encourage Grant a little?  He's drawing a lollipop and he doesn't think he is doing a great job, but he is doing really well.  Do you think you could give him some encouragement so he will feel better about his drawing?"

The concern in her voice sucked the remaining air out of my lungs, and I looked at her in awe.

Mama heart swoon.

It is nice to have those little reminders every once in a while, amidst the challenges of four kids and the fighting that goes with that, that they really and truly do care about each other. 

Ben tried some encouragement of his own, "Gwant, that really is a good drawing.  You are still a good draw-er, even if you are not as good as me!"

OK, it's still a work in progress.

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