Friday, March 16, 2012

Today in a Nutshell

Today was typical, but different in that I intentionally wrote things down that were funny and/or cute so I could blog them.  Here is today, in a nutshell.

This morning, in the mad rush to get Emma out the door and to the bus, I found Drew (a.k.a Jack Jack) who had made little steps out of his dresser drawers, teetering at the top trying to reach his backpack.  While I am used to his antics, the memory of climbing my own dresser as a child and having it fall and being trapped underneath came rushing back.  Luckily Purposefully, their dresser is long and wide instead of tall, so the danger of it tipping was quite minimal.  But still.  It's like he wants to go to the hospital again.

In true Jack Jack style, each of the four steps was perfectly spaced out from each other in an even, symmetrical stair-step pattern.  He's like an OCD Evel Kenevil.


Overheard this morning at the breakfast table:

Ben:  "You're grumpy, Grant."

Grant: (yelling) "NO I'M NOT!!"

Ben:  "I found grumpy eyebrows on you."

Grant: (scowling) "When I'm done eating I'm gonna tackle you."

I almost choked trying not to laugh.  Ah, the joy of five year old twins.  I do have to say, I'm really proud that they are using their words.


Emma was perusing her baby book this morning.  Her lovely, wonderfully scrapbooked album of memories, perfectly preserved and kept right next to the twins' empty scrapbooks, which still have the cellophane wrapped around them.  Those are right next to the empty space that Drew's scrapbook might someday go if I ever buy one and/or get photos printed from his first year of life.  Ahh, the progression of having four kids in four years. 

Anywhoo, Emma was looking through the pictures, and exclaimed, "Oh, here's one of me crying with Daddy!"  I lovingly responded, like the best mothers do, "he's probably picking on you."  She came back with, "let me see here.  Yup!  he IS picking on me!" 

Photographic evidence that the need for us to save for our kids' future therapy started really early.


We went to Costco.  Yeah.  My lovely husband met me on his lunch break, and we had a hot date with Costco hot dogs and a cart full of little boys.  We got what we needed and as soon as we hit the checkout, Jack Jack predictably announced that he had to go potty, which set off a long string of boys exclaiming their need to pee.  Marty innocently asked, "do you want to take them?"  to which I replied, "no way, Jose.  I don't want to take them to the bathroom, are you nuts?"

So he offered.  And as he was taking the kids out of the cart, he said, "now there is one rule.  Don't pee on each other, OK?"  The man in line in front of us laughed, and commented, "that's a good rule right there."  I responded, "dude, if you only knew"  "well, we haven't always had the best of luck in this place."

Marty took them potty.  I didn't ask how it went, but everyone seemed in good spirits and not reeking of urine when they came out of the bathroom, so I'll call it a successful Costco bathroom trip.


We picked Emma up from the bus, and headed straight out to get some groceries.  On the way, I asked her, "How was your day today?"  She responded quickly, almost like she was out of breath even starting.  "Well, it was a good day, but I got my feelings hurt at last recess because a boy in Kindergarten made a sand castle at first recess, and by second recess it was gone, but I was building a big sand castle and he thought that I messed up his castle, but I didn't do anything, it was gone when I started building.  But I built the biggest, most beautiful sand castle ever, and I went to go get some rocks to decorate it and he stomped all over it and wrecked it."  Her voice wavered, and her eyes filled with unshed tears.  I immediately responded, "oh, baby!  I am so sorry, that would hurt my feelings, too."  The twins were listening from the back of the van, and commiserated with her, Grant saying, "that's not fair, he shouldn't wreck your project!"  Ben, calmly in his little-Ben way, said, "Emma, when I go to Kindergarten next year, you show me who he is, and I'll have a talk with him."

And this Mama grinned from ear to ear all the way to the Green Barn.


In another conversation, Grant asked for something at the Green Barn.  The Green Barn is our local produce stand, it's awesome and fantastic and we love it.  Anywhoo, Grant wanted "that thingy that I don't remember.  But it's like Brussels Sprouts, but all scrunched up like leaves hooked together."  I was intrigued.  After carefully searching the Green Barn, he realized what he was wanting Savoy Cabbage, so we bought one.  Now I have to figure out what to make with it in the next few days.

Menu planning by the whims of children is a common thing around here, as long as the whims of the children include veggies.

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DJan said...

Oh, this was just too too cute, Tiff. I love the idea of Ben coming after this bully next year... this was fun! I am smiling, too, and I never do after a visit to Costco. :-)