Monday, March 19, 2012

Even the Government Knows About Our Crazy

I was recently having a conversation with my friend Kristen and we were talking about the square footage of our houses.  Now, our house is small for America's standard for housing six people, but we make do.  I thought our house was 1,300 square feet, but then Kristen said her house was 1,300 square feet, but her house has two living areas, and I just know it's bigger than mine.  So I went on a  hunt to see what the square footage of our house really is.  Not that it matters, but I was curious.

Yes, this is sounding like a really boring blog post.  But keep reading, it gets better.

Being that we live in an older double-wide mobile home, it's a perfect rectangle and measuring was easy.  I measured the inside of the house, and included the walls and came up with 1,102 square feet.  Marty said that was wrong because I needed to measure from the outside, but I don't think there is any way that I missed a whole 200 square feet just in the exterior walls.  So I hit up the county assessor's website and checked, and it said our house was 1,323 square feet.  I looked up Kristen's house and according to the assessor, the square footage is identical to ours at 1,323 square feet. 

It is really weird that it's the exact same number, right?.  Let's focus on that weirdage and not the fact that I actually looked up a friend's house on the assessor's website, m'kay?

I went back to the assessor's page for our house, and out of curiosity, clicked some of the other tabs.  Didja know that there's tons of info available for every house on that site?  It's really interesting.  I looked under the "Property Image" tab, and was surprised to find a recent picture of our house, it looks like it was taken last spring or summer.  The van is there, so we were home.  I'm going to ignore the fact that somehow I didn't notice someone photographing our house.  You can't tell from the picture, but the entire driveway area is fully fenced as well, so there's no way someone could just do a drive-by-picture.  They actually entered our property and I didn't notice.  Maybe I was busy cleaning up pee.

I was happy to see that amazingly, the flowerbeds looked pretty recently weeded and the sidewalk was relatively clear of toys and bikes.  Of course, there is the ever-present grass growing in the driveway, but whatever.  I like our house.  It has very cute curb-appeal for being a 23 year old mobile home, don'tchathink?

Then I looked a bit closer.  If you click on the picture, you can enlarge it a little and see what I saw. 

Do you see it?

Imagine my shock and laughter that erupted so loudly that everyone came running when I discovered that the county assessor's website has a picture of my cute little house, all sunny and cheery and looking adorable.

With Drew standing in the windowsill.


Not only do I have this blog to document the challenges of raising this spirited child, now the government has photographic evidence as well.

Only my child. 


Anonymous said...

Your yard looks so awesome, I had totally missed the half-naked boy in the window. Awesome.

Michelle said...

that is fantastic. I love it. My son almost did this to me as well, we are selling our place and our realtor showed up to take pictures of the outside and comes in laughing and shows me that my son (who had just come out of a bath) was standing butt naked on our ottoman facing out the window just smiling as our realtor was taking pictures...maybe not the imagine we want for selling our place but definately priceless!

Anonymous said...

I told you so....oh, I mean that's interesting what you found out about the square footage. (: But also once again you do a great job of keeping everyone's life exciting and crazy! Image the dinner table conversation of the photographer that night. ~Kristen