Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I HATE that Drew got sick and threw up Monday.


I LOVE that it didn't seem to bother him at all once his puke-fest was over.

I HATE that puking: round two took place in the car. On the freeway. Two miles before the first available pull-off spot.

I also HATE that by the time we pulled over, he was so covered that all I could do was clean him up a little and just leave him there till we got home.

I LOVE that the kids were so excited to go watch Daddy's softball game.

I HATED telling them that we had to turn around and go home, because of head-to-toe puke-covered baby Drew.

I LOVED that they wanted to pray for him as we drove home.

I really LOVED listening to each one pray for their little brother. Ben, with his, "Dear Jesus' name, Amen." Grant's hands clasped so tightly, eyes shut, and whole face squeezed tight while he prayed quietly, head lifted up, desperately petitioning God to make his brother better. Emma's fussing over her charge, offering him a wipe, and patting his hand, giving words of encouragement and love.

I HATED the fact that we had to stop for gas on the way home, with poor puke-covered Drew still strapped into his puke-covered seat while I filled the van. And then, while I was pumping gas, he puked some more.

Which I HATED.

And then he was fine. Which I LOVED.

Once we got home, I HATED cleaning him up, trying to find the best way to get him out of the van with as little flying debris as possible. Oh, and I also HATE cleaning puke off the seat under the car seat. Especially since I just did that on Thursday.

I LOVED the fact that once clean, he wanted to snuggle. I LOVE snuggling my baby boy.

I LOVED having movie night with the older kids after Drew went to bed, in order to make up for the fact that we didn't go to the game.

What can I say. I LOVE microwave popcorn.

I LOVED that Drew appeared fine yesterday, with not even a belch in sight.

I HATED that he puked all over myself and my bed again this morning. It seems to be milk that is causing it. I don't know why.

LOVED the fact that he's been fine since, but haven't tempted it and have had him off milk all day.

I will LOVE the feeling of crawling into nice, clean sheets tonight. And I will LOVE when the puke-fest is over.


CulyQFun said...

Lord, please keep the pukies away from their house. Please touch everyones bodies and keep them healthy.
And please give Tiffany wisdom in figuring out drew's sudden alergy/sickness.

Praying for you guys!
Hope you're enjoying your summer - ya know other than all this puking!

Carmen O. said...

My girls are hugely sensitive to milk. They don't puke, but they get rashes and phlegmy breathing. Try switching to soy milk. Silk is the best, and Kirkland (Costco) brand is a close second. Organic means no genetically modified ingred. Vanilla is yummier than the original. Soy milk has made all the difference for our family.

Stephana said...

Sorry Hun, hope the puking is done!! There seems to be a flu bug going around, so I hope that's all it is!!

Anonymous said...

You might try goats milk. There is even a dairy down the street from your house...

Some Guy said...

Could be lactose intolerance. Our kids started out that way but outgrew it. Soy milk works well as a substitute for cow's milk. The Kirkland-brand vanilla-flavored soy milk seems to be their favorite.